Dodge Magnum: Accessories & Modifications

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We all love our cars. Let's hear how you are making your Magnum stand out from the crowd!


  • dcatdcat Member Posts: 2
    I just got a 2005 Red Magnum with a Hemi--I love it. I want to get a nose bra for it but my husband says it will mess up the paint--I know Mopar says 'no', but does anyone have one, that's had it for a while?
    I sure don't want to mess up the paint, but don't want the chips and bugs either.
    tks, Dorothy
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    Dorothy, I have a red Magnum RT as well and I have the black plastic nose bra. I only use it for trips, but it has been a lifesaver for the front end. It will not hurt the paint unless you put it on or leave it on when it is wet or you don't make sure the inside of the bra and front end of the Magnum is clean when you put it on. The real harn is if you leave it on when it is wet for too long. It can cause the paint to cloud up. My experience has been nothing but positive with mine.
  • altaholiconealtaholicone Member Posts: 25
    Just want to see if this is a normal phenomenom

    Would you RT hemi owners do a test for me and let me know the results?
    Start car cold, completely cold.
    Idle for 30 seconds. Turn off.
    Wait 30 minutes and re start. See if oil smoke comes out the exhaust.
    They wait time can be a little more or less, but the run time must not get it warm or even close, so sta around 30 seconds.
    Let me know Here or
  • altaholiconealtaholicone Member Posts: 25
    Just want to see if this is a normal phenomenom

    Would you RT hemi owners do a test for me and let me know the results?
    Start car cold, completely cold.
    Idle for 30 seconds. Turn off.
    Wait 30 minutes and re start. See if oil smoke comes out the exhaust.
    They wait time can be a little more or less, but the run time must not get it warm or even close, so sta around 30 seconds.
    Let me know Here or
  • dcatdcat Member Posts: 2
    Well, we defiinetly have a lot of wet here--my husband still doesn't want me to get one, but think I will to use for some of the time anyway. I don't even want to take it out when the weather is nasty--it's so pretty. I just don't want those chips in the front--thanks for your reply.
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Member Posts: 61
    Dorothy... I just picked my Magnum up last Thursday and love it. I will putting a product called stongard ( on the front. It is a clear plastic film (I forget how thick) that is placed on the front and when installed is almost invisible. It is not a cheap product but works very well. I have been using this on my cars for years. When I traded my old car for the Magnum I showed the dealer what it was and when we peeled it off... a completely nick free front end after 92k miles and yes the roads in the Northeast are not kind to front ends. Just one installation note do not install it on a hot sticky day or in the sun. Again it's not cheap, but I would highly recommend it.
  • c5400hpc5400hp Member Posts: 11
  • exfordmanexfordman Member Posts: 9
    Hey all
    Does anyone have any info on aftermarket parts for the RT
    ie:induction, chips, exhaust or anything else.
    Noticable increase in power? pros/cons
    Any info would be helpfull
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    There is a ton of info on other magnum specialized forums (do a search on Google as Edmunds policy prevents me from listing them here). There are several cold air induction options and one forum is performing a "CAI Faceoff" Friday 6/23 which will be including the following CAIs:
    - Volant
    - K&N Aircharger
    - K&N drop-in
    - Mopar
    - 360 Air Raid

    As for exhaust, there are aalso a number of options from Borla, Zoomer & Dynamaxx.

    There is a chip from JetChip, but I've heard mixed reviews. Again, in one forum, they are working on a petition/group buy with the major vendors in programmers.

    Also, there is a supercharger available from GS Motorsports.
  • newdodgemannewdodgeman Member Posts: 13
    Any recommendations? I have Flowmaster 40's in place of the stock suitcase and have the stock resonators. I am interested in making the tone deeper, but necessarily louder, though if it had to get somewhat louder that is not a problem. I (think) I want to keep some kind of resonator on because of the drone issue. Any ideas?
  • nicnastynicnasty Member Posts: 2
    My name is nick. I have a 2.7 dodge magnum. Im trying to take the govenor off and get more horse's out of it. Im trying to make it the fastest v6 dodge has.
  • nicnastynicnasty Member Posts: 2
    I have a 05 dodge magnum se. With the 2.7 motor. I just put on the srt10 dodge viper hood on it. It also has a ECU chip by Jets performance, 2in dual flow master exhaust, airad intake system, eibach 1.3 lowing kit and anti roll bar kit. I order EBC brakes and rotors. As far as looks I have the lower rear door vents, fender ports, top and bottom mesh grills. Plus chrome window,door and door handle trims, and Im still not finish
  • coolridercoolrider Member Posts: 84
    Hey, the mods sound sweet how about some pics, sources,and $$ spent.
  • hultonhulton Member Posts: 1
    when putting things in the back we are scraping the paint is the something to over it to stop that
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    You can get a black plastic scuff guard from Mopar that covers the top of your rear bumper to protect it from scratches. It works great and you can put it on yourself.
  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Member Posts: 7
    Hypertech and Superchips sell a computer reprogrammer.
    I bought a drawtite Class II hitch for mine and my 14 yr. old son and I installed it with not much trouble. I bought the hitch and plug in wiring harness that gets powered from the battery from for about $166 with a discount. The Dodge dealer can supply you with a transmission oil cooler for about $90 plus $20 or so for tubing if you want a factory cooler.
    Eibach offers front and rear sway bars. I took a look at the arrangement of the rear suspension when I installed the hitch and the rear bar which looks to be about a 1/2" bar appears to be a bear to replace.
    I have found cold air induction packages on the internet.
  • lam1027lam1027 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 05 SXT AWD and would like to add a removable roof rack and carrier. I found both on (specifically for a Magnum) but I can't find any user reviews on either the rack or carrier. Has anyone tried this?
  • bigpimpingbigpimping Member Posts: 3
    I have a 06 dodge magnum, can you tell how or what they did to your the rear of the car for dual pipes, and what type of performance did the ECU chip do for you
  • magnisiummagnisium Member Posts: 1
    has anyone removed the shift knob from their Magnum i have 1 week to return the product can anyone help
    2008 Dodge Magnum R/T
  • bdoyle733bdoyle733 Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,
    I'm new to the forum and just picked up my first Magnum (2007 RT AWD 5.7liter Hemi) and am trying to plan my upgrades. I built a spreadsheet that I think would be a huge help to all newbies, perhaps as a FAQ. Anyone with experience or knowledge with these upgrades who can contribute would help us all.
    It looks like you can get around 500hp for about $3,000 before even thinking about a supercharger.

    The basic mods I found were:

    Custom Fit Ignition Wire Set (15 hp, $150)
    MSD Blaster Coils (? hp, $500)
    Cold air intake (14 hp, $300)
    FLASH Chip/PROGRAMMER (20 hp, $500)
    Aft-Cat™ Exhaust (20 hp, $760)
    Performance Headers & Exhaust (24 hp, $550)
    cat Mid-pipe (n/a, $450)
    UnderDrive Pulley Kit (12 hp, $230)
    Cam/Spring/Pushrods Kits (60 hp, $525)
    Torque Converter (N|A, $400)
    Transmission Cooler (N\A, $100)
    Suspension upgrade ($1100)

    I'm looking for input on:
    - Install Order (What has to go first and what gives the biggest HP gain for the buck)
    - install hrs (how many hours to install if I take it to a speedshop or mechanic)
    - hp gain
    - Fuel efficiency gain
    - Approx Cost (Hardware only)
    - does it Void the Warrenty?
    - Recommendation Best Value
    - Recommendation Best performance (regardless of cost)
  • magnumbelievermagnumbeliever Member Posts: 15
    Hello bdoyle and welcome to the forum. I am a fairly new owner of a 2005 Magnum RT purchased with only 15,234 miles on it. I have had it for a little over 2 months and I am thinking of some upgrade also. As a stock Hemi, it is extremely quick, but we all want to go faster. My budget is tight right now, and as for starters, I am going with a CAI first. I was thinking of buying one from Mopar, just to keep my warranty in check. I like the additions that you are thinking of making and I am going to copy them down for future references. I will also be watching for more help from the forum and people who are more knowledgeable than I am. Good luck and a good post.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Member Posts: 42
    I put an AFE CAI in my 2005 R/T AWD. I can't feel a difference in horsepower, supposedly it gives an extra 10hp, but the sound is real cool at full throttle!
  • magnumbelievermagnumbeliever Member Posts: 15
    Hey bbfd86, that's good to know. I have been pricing CAI's for a week or so. They all claim to give you 8-10 more horsepower, but if you don't dyno it, I guess you really can't tell. But you said it gives a more throatier sound, well then it might been worth the price until I can afford a nice cat back muffler system
  • magnumpi1magnumpi1 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy used 17" rims for winter tires and was wondering what other vehicles have rims that would fit my 2008 Dodge Magnum. I was also wondering what type of trailer hitch would work best on it (preferrably 1 1/4")
  • donnjdonnj Member Posts: 1
    I am curious, has anyone put 20" wheels on a '05 sxt all-wheel drive? I have had different answers from many sources, including Tire Rack, Summit, and local tire stores. I want to use the American Racing Torque Thrust wheel and don't know what brands tires yet. Thanks.
  • ocmagnumocmagnum Member Posts: 3
    I have an 05 Magnum SXT....I also rep for a custom grille shop....check out my carspace for pics and info
  • hemirt4mehemirt4me Member Posts: 2
  • hemirt4mehemirt4me Member Posts: 2
    I own an 06 magnum rt 2 wheel drive. Best car I ever owned. Last brand new car I'll ever buy. I heard they quit making them in 08. If so great because it will drive the value of these cars up. Did the flow master, best move I have made with this car to date.

    Next is cold air intake. Problem, too many types and brands. Don't know which is best, leaning more towards K&N. Can anyone tell me their thoughts on this it would be appreciated.

    Looks, power, beauty, handling and practical all in one package.

    Good things never seem to make long runs. I guess thats why they quit producing the Magnums. No heavy challengers or Chargers for me
  • dillonbdillonb Member Posts: 1
    okay guys im wanting some advice here i have a 05magnum rt and ive been debating rather i wanted to put a cold air intake on it because the air box has a tube that ends around the fog lamps so i think it would be a waste of money to run a cold air intake. so i thinkit would run just as good and give just as good power to put a kn air filter in their instead of buying a cold air...
  • magnumbelievermagnumbeliever Member Posts: 15
    I would go with the complete CAI package. Filters by themselves will allow for more air flow, but with the complete CAI kit, you get the entire package where the elements are designed to work together to give the maximum air flow. If you do install the complete package, you will notice the difference and also hear the air flowing into the engine when you accelerate hard.
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