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Chevy HHR: Problems & Solutions



  • vinney1vinney1 Posts: 7
    Hello: You mention that you are an A/C technician and I would like your opinion. My HHR has the 2.4 engine auto. and the A/C makes a loud whine noise that I have never heard on any car I've owned. There are more people complaining about this in other forums. I've taken it in 3 times and they evacuated the system and recharged but made no difference. Another dealer said it's the compressor that is loud but G.M. will not pay to replace it because it is working. You are right this car is a piece of junk. :lemon: I've had the instrument cluster replaced, the right C.V. drive shaft, A/C whining noise and the steering column is now rattling over certain bumps. Any input will be greatly appeciated. I have 4500 miles on odometer. Thanks
  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    GM now has many head unit suppliers for their corporate Black Tie radio. Your guess probably is correct about 5 years ago. But now since GM likes Chinese/Korean cheap parts so much, you will find their products in GM vehicles more frequent now, especially radios.

  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    I was just curious only since GM now has many suppliers on any given part (cheapest one always wins in their case). I understand the relationship between dealership employees and GM, so I do feel your pain. May be they'll find the "fixes" next model year. If it were for Hyundai, they'll do it in 3 weeks.

  • lorie1lorie1 Posts: 1

    Has anyone had their "Check Chg Sys" light come on? I've had it in the shop two times, and now she is back at the shop again.

    They first said their was a loose wire, I picked it up and got about 15 miles from the dealership when babading! The Check Chg Sys came on again. Hmm, I drove back to the dealership, and of course, it no longer says to "Check Chg Sys". They changed the alternator and called to have me pick it up.

    I got about .25 miles from the dealer when on comes the light, at least it stayed on for them to verify that it wasn't charging, intermittently.

    I just drove it back to the shop this morning, on the way to the shop the Check Chg Sys was lit, then the Battery Saver On light came on and my anti-lock brakes and steering were going off and on. Wahh!
  • bertvbertv Posts: 6
    About a week after my Arbitration submission was in the system, I received a call from GM telling me they were willing to install running boards free of charge and asked me what dealership I would like to install them. :) It is pretty pathetic that you have to make that much noise to resolve what is clearly their issue. I think they still struggle with the difference between problem resolution and customer satisfaction :confuse:
  • Got the "squeaky steering wheel" problem? Anyone else with this issue??? :cry:
  • To whom did you raise grief with. I too would like running boards. They painted and we paid for flaps, but this won't help come winter again.
  • bertvbertv Posts: 6
    I took two paths. The General Manager at the dealership went to bat on the issue (push hard to ensure the dealer is interested in being part of the solution). I also called the customer service number - it is in the back of your owners manual. I went through 2 levels there and got no satisfaction. This avenue being exhausted, I went to the arbitration process identified in owners manual. The US and Canadian systems may be slightly different.....I applied to kick off the arbitration process. With this much attention, they may decide it is easier (and cheaper) to settle - I think the arbitration process would be pretty expensive for GM. In all my dealings, I just ensured I was professional, but yet very aggressive. Hope this helps.
  • biscotttibiscottti Posts: 3
    red-I had the exact same problem 3 times before the TC light would go on for the dealership. They thought two wires were rubbing together. They kept it for 3 days trying to track down the problem. I am trying to find the paperwork saying just what the mechs did- I will get back to you. Don't give up. It is not a lemon. It is a good car.(why do I feel like Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein?)
  • wiltywilty Posts: 2
    I started my grief with GM Customer Service and ended it with my local Dealer. The owner of the dealership was the solution to my problem. He agreed that it was a design problem and that since GM would not do what was required, he would.The dealership absorbed all of the costs
  • Hi Golferswife:
    Its the Luminalady and yes, I still have the squeeky steering wheel problem. It would happen off and on, but not enough that I could guarantee it would do this if I took it to the dealer. On the other hand, it was squeeking consistantly this afternoon, so I will try to get it to the dealer tomorrow. Its the only problem I have had with my HHR. My car has 3500 miles on it, and I have owned it for 5 months. I STILL LOVE THIS CAR :blush:

    Have you taken your HHR in to check this problem? If so,I'd love to hear what you have been told...... :shades: Thanks!
  • Just started a couple of days age and is not continous. I am going to dealer monday for another concern and will have it addressed then. Will post the outcome. We love our too!! :blush:
  • Hi Golfer's wife!
    I was wondering if you learned anything more about the squeeky wheel? I was going to the dealer, and of course it stopped squeeking. I just returned, and it started squeeking again.... :confuse: I am looking forward to hearing what your dealer said. I am hoping your info will be helpful in case I have to bring my HHR to the dealer. That way they will know it is not unique to just my car. That is the only glitch I've had with my HHR. I hope this is a minor problem. Thanks!
  • mlwlkmlwlk Posts: 10
    I have had my HHR's radio re programmed (service visit #1),
    the radio replaced (service visit #2),
    the amplifier replaced (service visit #3),
    and the amplifier re-grounded (service visit #4).

    The radio still pops and cracks loudly.

    I am taking the HHR back in today (service visit #5).

    Any advice out there?????????????
  • Has anyone had a problem with the sound of a loud rattle when starting their HHR?....My HHR has 3000 miles on it, 3 times in the last 4 days, when 1st starting it in the morning, a loud rattle could be heard coming from the engine department.....

    I took it to the dealer and they couldnt find anything wrong.
  • I've had no problems with my radio....Do you have XM?
  • essnessessness Posts: 1
    Anyone getting water on the drivers floor after rain?
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Go to the "2006 Chevy HHR" forum and search for the word "water". There are a couple dozen postings about this issue.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Water intrusion can be pretty miserable to find source as water tracks sometimes (meaning leak can be quite far from where it ends up). Rubber grommet(boot) in firewall not being correct seems to be most common problem. I have also seen instances about windshield not properly sealed and also roof rails not sealed correctly (in that case, seatbelt was wet along with floor)
  • vickp786vickp786 Posts: 1
    we are currently having problems with the check enigne warning light also. they put in a new harness and fuse block but it is still coming on. also the t/c tracytion light has been coming on and off
  • Did you check your gas cap?.........I had problems with the check engine warning light on my oldsmobile (it was a loose gas cap).....
  • carguy99carguy99 Posts: 1
    My '06 HHR LT1 is 6 months old, & I have an annoying amount of wind / road noise coming from the passenger side at all speeds over 30mph. The faster I go, the worse it is, especially when I pass another vehicle.
    After 3 trips to the dealer & being told no one can hear anything unusual... the General Manager acknowledged that he could hear "my noise". I'm told nothing can be done to stop it. Apparently there is a design flaw, which prohibits the installation of an outer rubber seal around the front doors. (There is an inner seal). The noise appears to be coming from the space between the front & rear doors. I drove another HHR off their front line & discovered it wasn't as noisey as mine...
    Anyone else have a similar problem????
  • problem with wind noise
  • mrfcmrfc Posts: 7
    from what i have read the oil filter on a 2006 chevy hhr is located on the top of the engine to the right of center as you are looking down on the engine. supposedly it is under a black cap with a large hex nut.
    my queston is i have also read that you do not have to crawl underneath the car to change the oil but if that is the case where do you drain the oil from? i would suspect you still have to get underneath the car to drain the oil from the oil pan.
  • cpt63cpt63 Posts: 1
    I have to ask.........did you get your problem resolved...................we have the exact same problem but we have not sent the car in yet due to time constraints......would very much appreciate the head up.....Christian
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    A new discussion on HHR Starting/Stalling Problems has been created and some recent postings have been moved there. Please follow that link to continue there.

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  • 33wd3333wd33 Posts: 5

    Today I got the "Check Chg Sys" light, but this was after a horribly loud bang noise, some hissing, grey smoke, and a burning smell coming from under the hood as I pulled to a stop. Had my 3 month old HHR towed to Chevy and learned that the AC compressor had locked up and snapped the drive-train belt which ripped up a hose as it snapped. Mine is in the shop and will likely be there for "at least a week" while they try to locate a compressor.

    I was told the "Check Chg Sys" light came on because the belt that snapped also controls the alternator and it was not working as a result.

    Needless to say, I'm picking up a complimentary loaner car in the morning.

    Honestly, I love this car so much that I don't really care that it's had this problem. I am confident that once I get it repaired it will work fine after that. Hopefully, the new compressor will solve the loud compressor whine that it had from day one (and that so many other HHRs seem to have).

    Good luck with your HHR! These are great little cars! :blush:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    Be sure to check the discussion list for new topics here in the HHR group. I've moved the recent posts on radio problems to the HHR Audio & Entertainment System Questions discussion, so you may continue there.

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  • sinof7476sinof7476 Posts: 2
    My husband installed and Airaid Intake into our HHR. When he went to turn it on with the remote and then turned it on manually it shut off and made a piercing sound. He tried to put the stock one back and the car still would not start. Is there sort of a reset button that will make the car start again? Please Help . Thank you. :confuse:
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    That doesn't sound good. I haven't heard of anyone else having this happen, but just a thought, try disconnecting negative battery cable then unplug and plug back in MAF connection and ensure its tight then re-connect battery.
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