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Pickups that women can drive



  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 764
    Well, tempting though it is, I will refrain and keep it clean - I don't want to be Meredithed after all!!

    bookitty I am hurt, what can I say, a knife to the gut would have been less painful.

    Incidentally - do you think many people who drive new trucks with cute dogs, or 150mph+ sports cars sleep alone ;-)
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 594
    No, buy you may be spending too much time sleeping with your truck, cute dog, or sports car. Beginning to wonder.....
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 764
    that this is a conspiracy!!!

    Anyway dogs would be way to hot to sleep with unless the weather was really cold, truck would want too much of the bed and I'd never get the sports car up the stairs!!
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 982
    Time to re-evaluate Mr. Jordan. Truck bed......hot dogs......Beetles.....Hmmmmmmm
  • jimvetajimveta Posts: 96
    how about an F-150 Lightning..? The interior's
    pretty sporty too with recaro seats and white
    face gauges. And if you need "trunk" space, you
    can always use a bed cover.


  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,157
    is Horrible...

    - Tim
  • Well at least on the outside.
  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I thought I bought a new 2000 X/C (4dr) 4WD Z71 Silverado LT. Well, I have driven it a couple of times! My wife just loves HER truck. We have put almost 1000 miles on it in a couple of weeks.

    Last weekend we went off road. WOW, the LT seats are great on ruff terrain.

    The nice thing about this truck my wife (she's 5'6") and can adjust the seat just the way she likes it. The bonus is the LT driver's seat has 2 memory buttons, perfect!!!
  • How much did you get the 2000 X/C (4dr) 4WD Z71Silverado LT with the memory buttons for?
  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    That was a bonus! My brother has a '99 Silverado regular cab 4WD Z71 pickup. We wanted a truck with a little more interior space. All I was doing was pointing out some of the features that come STANDARD with the Silverado LT model. As you know, this topic is pickups that women can drive. I just noted some of the things on the Silverado that my WIFE likes! OK!
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    Thanks for your comments. Happy Motoring!

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  • We have 3 trucks, no cars...2 of the trucks have lifts on them...a little hard to get into with a skirt, but you learn how to hike and jump (or the slits get a little higher)! I wouldn't take a car (with the exception of maybe a 'vette or something like a rolls) for anything. It can get me where I'm going, be it the mall, hunting, fishing, off-roading, or hauling feed or hay. If women don't like the interiors or colors, find something you do like and get that instead, it's all personal preference, but I will keep my truck & if you don't like the jump or the interior, you can keep your cars.

  • Well, typical of a man to come in here and try to make trouble. :-)

    With all the modern conveniences... power steering, pedal extenders, seat adjustments and etc., I'm not sure how much size should make a difference in how well one would drive a full size pickup. In case some people didn't know, women are statistically better drivers. The reason being that we do have lower insurance rates than our male counter parts. No need for "neaderthals" to respond. :-)

    I've decided not to buy a full size pickup because of the rising gas costs. I'm thinking of getting a Toyota Tacoma double cab. It seems to have all the things I need: reliability, comfort, 4-doors/back seat, and good value. I probably won't make this purchase until next year, so I have plenty of time to think about other options. My 2 cents

  • I really don't think you've ever been in farming/ranching country...where are you from NY? Quite a few women drive trucks in this area and can handle them quite well. Mud runs are also a competition for the women. Obviously, you should start looking at some of the big trucks (i.e. Kenworths and Petes) and you will see women driving them too...there are a lot of husband and wife trucking teams out there, maybe you should open your eyes.
  • Hi Chris, I read above that you own 3 pickup trucks. I also see in your profile that you own a Chevy. Are all your pickup trucks Chevys?

    In addition to the Tacoma, one of the trucks I've considered is the 2001 4 door 1500 2wd Silverado. Yes, two completely different trucks, but that's actually what my husband would prefer us to get. I'm curious to know if you also own a Silverado? If so, which model/s do you have? In particular, I'm concerned about reliability and real world mpg. Thanks in advance for any feedback you have to offer. :-)

  • Yes, all my pickups are Chevys. The 2 older ones are an '84 K25 (3/4 ton 4x4) and a '92 K1500 (1/2 ton 4x4), both with lifts on them. The 3rd is a 2000 Chevy K2500 Crew Cab. The truck is nice, rides like a dream and is low enough to the ground that my 73 year old parents can get into it (it does have tube steps). We've never had problems with the older Chevs, but in dealing with Chevy on the 2000 (see the Chevy/GM Crew Cab posting I started), we are considering a Dodge to replace the '92 in the future. It took us 5 months and 3 dealerships to finally find that the truck needs new lifters. Chevys attitude was terrible through the whole ordeal.

    It seems like with Chevys either you get a good one or a bad one. The good ones you never have to touch (ie our '92 has 125000 on it and we've never stuck anything, except oil changes, into it...knock on wood). The bad ones leave people with a sour taste in their mouth.

    As for the new design, you may want to see the Silverado topics on the board to see the problems they've been having with them. Our 2000 is still the old C/K body style, so I can't help you out there.

    I really don't feel women have any problems with driving full size trucks. With the exception of an old Mustang in college and a Dakota shortly after the 'stang, I've owned full size Chevys all my life and never had a problem handling them.

    If I can help you at all, please post, and I will try.

  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Considering the source and where your coming from................. I'd pick a woman in a pickup truck any day of the week, over a woman in a sports car no matter their size. Apparently you have not been out & about lately. I think there are as many women truck drivers driving the big rigs then there are guys. Plus in Wisconsin, women are allowed to drive pickups, unlike the ummm place you call home............

    Mmmmmm...........now where did all those truck driving women go to............
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    Hey, thanks...glad to hear a guy actually face up to the fact that women can drive trucks...maybe it's just that way here in Wisconsin?

  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Most anybody can drive most any vehicle....
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Posts: 14
    Most women I see are more comfortable in smaller trucks. Not to say that a woman can't handle a larger truck, because believe me, I've seen women driving some of the biggest trucks around. I really think it's a matter of what you feel most comfortable with. My wife is 5' 7" and has no trouble whatsoever driving my Tacoma. Equally, if I were to run out and buy a full size American, she'd probably enjoy it just as much. My suggestion is to go beyond a test drive and rent one for a weekend so that you get to use it more than just on a quick drive down the street with the salesman nagging you in the passenger seat. I've found this to be a great tool in making auto buying decisions. Trouble is you can't find many rental car companies who carry imports. Find a truck you really like and then rent it. That should help you decide if you fit into it comfortably or not.

  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    nothing sexier than a woman drivin a diesel truck with a manual tranny.
    just my opinion of course.
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    You mean women can REALLY drive something like that? (just kidding)- I know I can.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    and to let you know about another discussion from the Womens Auto Center board that some of you may be interested in: What Women Want! See ya there. ;-)



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  • Women should check out the Ford SportTrac its almost a pickup and my wife loves hers.
  • mrurlmrurl Posts: 116

    I own a 2000 GMC Sierra Ext. Cab 5.3L engine, 3.73 rear end. Bought last June and now have about 14k miles.

    Mileage for my normal driving (40% short highway hops, balance city streets) is 15.5 - 16.0 mpg. All highway has been as high as 19.9, and the low, towing a 2000 lb trailer uphill from Memphis to Nashville, was 11 mpg. Average over the 14000 miles is 16.6.

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