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What is the coolest "dad" car?

dtran2149dtran2149 Posts: 81
edited March 2014 in Acura
Well, there comes a time in every man's life to accomodate some little ones. What minimum four seat car makes you the coolest dad in the neighborhood?

Here are some starters:

Acura TL
Audi S4
BMW 5-Series
Cadillac Escalade
Infiniti FX
Mazda RX-8
Porsche 911
Porsche Cayenne
Range Rover Sport

Recognize this is super duper subjective but would like to hear people's opinion!


  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    To me, some of those just say "my dad is rich and buys the same cars as all the other rich people do." If it's a sensible purchase and it'll look good in the executive parking lot, then it's not cool. If it appeals more to the kids than to the bosses, then it's cool.

    Sports cars under $35k are the coolest; anything over is a midlife crisis car. So: RX-8, Evo, G35 coupe, GTO, etc.

    Some SUVs are cool, like the Murano/FX, or the XTerra/FJ Cruiser/Wrangler (I guess Hummers too, if I were a kid). The latter bunch have to have mud stains and scratches, and a winch.

    Among luxury cars, and besides the G35 coupe, I'd say the A3/S3... maybe the TL and CTS for their aggressive look. More so when they were new. And if you look scary yourself, then an old black Mercedes Benz boxy sedan is just perfect.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    I guess that all depends on how rich "DAD" is. Z-06 or Caddy-V if DAD likes american muscle and is wealthy. ;) Hell the new Shelby Stang and Chrysler Corp SRT line-up is cool for "Dad". Of course if DAD is on a budget the GTO, Stang GT, Soltice GXP are nice choices too.

  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...a few really cool rides when he was younger:

    1950 Ford V-8 coupe
    1955 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Starfire convertible
    1965 Pontiac GTO convertible

    I recall him looking at a new Acura Legend back in the day, but he was putting my sister through college at the time. Mom would've killed him.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    Nuf said. :shades:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Wow, that would be a nice trio to have today!
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Ford Mustang GT. Can hold two adults and two kids. Ultimate cool dad car and doesn't break the bank.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    H1,if you can afford it. What do kids know about the environment and saving the Earth. What kid would not want to be picked up from school in one.

    Until they are teenagers and will blame you for the hole in the Ozone layer personally,the middle east problems and the poor officiating in the Super Bowl.
  • prosaprosa Posts: 280
    I'd vote for the TL. It's high quality but not ostentatious, the sort of vehicle you buy if you know a lot about cars but aren't looking for a highly visible status symbol. A TL is also "age appropriate" for a person in middle age, so other people won't start snickering about your midlife crisis. A G35 also would serve the purpose nicely.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    Can Trucks or SUV's be part of the subject ????

    If so how about a 2007 GMC Sierra Denali or Cadillac EXT ????

    I know alot of Dad's depending on where he lives and his age do like Diesel Trucks. I'd tell that kind of Dad to wait for the new 07' Chevy or GMC HD 3/4 Ton since they will both be monsterous with Diesel Torque. 450 hp and over 800 lbs. of Torque are the figures I'm hearing. :shades: I'd also Buy dad as a present a good programmer from Banks, Edge, etc to push those number way up. ;)

  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    Having just gone to the auto show with my 2 year old last Friday, his favorite was the Harley Davidson F-150. He was forcibly removed from the driver's seat kicking and screaming. :)

    That said, he likes my Maxima more than mom's Explorer for some reason. He gets behind the Max's wheel and goes "VROOM VROOM". There's a Nissan ad in there somewhere. :P
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    likes the looks of a sleeper. Like a Legacy GT sedan...Even better in wagon form if they still offered 5 speeds in them.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I'm afraid sleepers aren't cool to anyone but nerds.

    I mean, enthusiasts. (So you're cool here.)
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    A muscle car with a station wagon body.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Maybe whatever car has the best A-C?

    Oh, you meant something different? Nevermind..............
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Our 911S Cab beats our TL 6-speed, according to my two daughters.

    However, no matter how much they enjoy riding in the back of the 911 with the top down, it never would have happened if I hadn't first funded their 529 accounts. And, if all I had left over after that was enough to buy a $20 basketball to play with them, I'd have no regrets. Cool is fleeting. Good is forever.
  • I gotta go with the Legacy GT wagon too. Maybe i'm a nerd, too. I'm at peace with that. To be a good dad, you have to be at peace with yourself, so nothing too showy.
    It's got looks, thrust, room for the dog and that way cool sunroof.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    I'd offer that a blacked-out Ford Crown Vic with the sport package would make a pretty cool car for a Dad. If I were a Dad, I'd totally get one while they still made 'em. I love the sport package alloy wheels...

    Functional, roomy, but no minivan or SUV. With the addition of some performance mufflers to bring out the rumble of the V8, you'd have a car that the kids would want you to pick them up from school with... :)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "you'd have a car that the kids would want you to pick them up from school with... "

    Maybe if their last name was Gotti. ;)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    You sure you don't mean "Cool Grandfather's Car". You need somebody at least old enough to be an original owner of that car to make it cool.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    My kids would probably mistake that T-Bird for a space ship from another planet.
  • As a dad myself, my favorite two cars to impress my daughters friends would be sleepers:

    Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon
    Volvo S60R

    Neither looks like much of a cool car, unless you really know what you are looking for. Niether is all that ostentatious. Both have sub six-second 0-60 times. Family cars that leave your average high-schooler's modded frakencar in the dust.

    Get next to one of her buddies at a stop light, rev your engine at them, drop the hammer and wave to them in the rear view mirror.

    Both are a little pricy though.

    Failing that, a 911 will always be cool.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    We could always move in the other direction and give dad an Xb with extra bling.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    "Neither looks like much of a cool car, unless you really know what you are looking for."

    So your kids' friends' dads will think you're cool...
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    It impresses my daughter and her boyfriend.

  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    My dad had 2 cool cars back in the '60s- a 1963 Volvo P1800 and then a '66 Pontiac 2+2 (Catalina) with 421ci HO. Nowadays, try as you might, trucks (even with Hemi's and hood scoops) and SUV's (even with 22" tires and chrome rims) just aren't cool. An RX-8 would be cool; maybe a Mustang GT convertable. Guess it depends on how old the "Dad" is as well.
  • lemkolemko Philadelphia, PAPosts: 15,294
    ...her Dad had two really cool cars when she was growing up - a 1955 Packard Four Hundred and later a 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    The TL was cool...but my son hated sitting in the back .

    A cayenne would be my choice....(Obvious to those who know me)...since it can go to snow country and offroad and go fast..

    A suburban to bring all the kids and friends to places/ trips....

    A minivan for everyday duty...? Not really cool...but practical.....

    Mustand would be nice....

    or a 1992 Ferrari Mondial covertible...( 4 seater) dad....but lots of maintenance..(goes for about $30,000 nowadays.
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    Coolest Dad car for most folks would have to be a Corvette. ;)

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    A sport sedan or wagon would be my vote. After all, there's nothing considerate to the children about having a coupe. I know, as my mother had nothing BUT coupes in my childhood! Perhaps I was just more sensible than most kids, but I did not care how cool the other kids thought it was, I was quick to point out the deception. :mad:

    As for SUVs/Trucks, at least from my area of the world, what's cool about having the same vehicle as 1/2 the other fathers? "Wow, Jimmy, your Dad's red Dodge pickup is so cool compared to the other 33 red Dodge pickups in the parking lot!" :P
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