2008 Dodge Rampage!

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Trying to start a Grassroots Campaign here!

You all know me, and love me, as a Toyota/Lexus sycophant, but Chrysler is my favorite domestic automaker. They have style, and guts. And Mercedes engineering backing them. So let's inspect the next great design from the hottest US Maker.

The Rampage is just a concept, but I feel should definitely replace the Dakota for 2008, as the Dakota is ugly, underpowered, and is about as popular as eye snot!

As the Ram will eventually get a larger Hemi, this Hemi can fit nicely under the hood of the Rampage (What a name!).

Looks, power, verstaility. Let's go on a "Reading Rampage", shall we?

2006 Dodge Rampage Concept Vehicle — the only things it can't load more of are style and versatility

Dodge has issued the following press release:

Dodge unveiled its new Rampage concept vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show.

Bold, powerful and supremely versatile, the new Dodge Rampage concept vehicle is a fresh look at how many families actually use the popular pickup trucks.

"It's the truck for the non-traditional buyer," said Scott Krugger, principal exterior designer. "This is a truck for the person who wants the functional aspects of a truck yet doesn’t want a traditional vehicle. The Rampage has the capability of a pickup without sacrificing occupant space."

Combining the width of a Dodge Ram with the overall length of a Dodge Dakota, the Rampage features a host of people and cargo-carrying innovations made possible by a combination of unitized body construction, front-wheel drive, and unique independent rear wheel suspension. And, as with any Dodge concept, the appearance is striking.

In order to achieve their twin objectives of a family-size passenger cabin and exceptional pickup utility, the designers dramatically reconfigured the proportions of the truck. The largest portion of the Rampage is devoted to the spacious passenger cabin, followed by the five-foot cargo box, and last, the engine compartment (which still accommodates a 5.7-liter MDS HEMI® under the abbreviated hood). To visually reinforce the fact that the majority of the vehicle is dedicated to passengers and cargo, a slim appliqué of brushed aluminum runs along the cowl, up and over the roof rails and around the top of the cargo box, a shimmering silver ribbon that contrasts dramatically with the Liquid Carbon exterior.

Up front, the Rampage exhibits a fresh interpretation of the Dodge truck style architecture — a new look for a new truck. The signature Dodge six-sided crossbar grille is set flush within a curving plane that encompasses rectangular wraparound headlamps. Featuring LED lighting, all exterior lamps rely on light-piping and both clear and frosted acrylic to achieve a cleaner look.

The body side is dominated by "double-muscle" flared fenders with the widest part of the body centered over the 22-inch brushed aluminum wheels. The framed doors feature a continuous fore-aft glass plane while the reverse-angle “pillar” on the rear door and distinctive triangular window give a sporty coupe-like profile.

To draw attention to the generous occupant space, a U-shaped chamfered element runs above the sill and travels up the body along the leading and trailing edges of the door sets. Accented with brushed aluminum, this detail is subtly repeated on the exterior door handles.

Access to the interior is exceptional. When either door is opened, the sill pivots down to expose a handy step assist. While the front door is hinged conventionally, the rear door slides open to reveal an imaginative and supremely practical interior, entry to which is enhanced by the absence of the customary B-pillar.

"The interior of the Rampage is durable, functional and efficient," said Irina Zavatski, Principal Interior Designer. “Everything is there for a reason.”

Structural elements are exposed. The contoured center stack, for example, "floats" above the surface of the instrument panel. Composed of satin silver finished “framing,” the center stack can be pulled rearward and rotated toward either driver or passenger to access the navigation, HVAC and entertainment functions. The free-standing instrument cluster has a similar look and moves with the adjustable steering column while the steering wheel spokes harmonize with both cluster and center stack.

Overhead a "ladder-type" front-to-rear console with storage and entertainment units incorporates distinctive mood lighting along its edges. Flanking the console are fore-aft "skylights," bringing welcoming daylight to rear seat passengers as well as those up front.

"The seating is designed to be athletic, comfortable, yet rugged," said Chris Welch, designer of the seats, which are contoured around specially-fabricated folding framing finished in satin silver. To facilitate ingress/egress to the rear compartment, milled silver handles are integrated into the outboard sides of the front seat backs. The dark charcoal seats are trimmed in a smooth polyurethane-coated material and a three-dimensional open texture “spacer knit” fabric which is also used as a non-glare covering on the instrument panel. Contrasting red-orange fabric on the seat inserts echoes similar accents on the instrument panel, steering wheel and door armrests.

With all seats in use, the Rampage is able to carry five passengers, but that's just the beginning of its functionality. The right front seat and the 60/40 rear seats can be folded into the floor, marking the first use of Dodge's popular and innovative Stow 'n Go TM Seating and Storage System in a pickup truck and the first Stow 'n Go front passenger seat ever.

The stowing process is facilitated by headrests that flip down into the seat backs, a solution that also allows taller-than-normal seat backs for greater support. To enhance the available interior volume with seats dropped into the floor, the armrests on the front and rear passenger doors also fold out of the way, maximizing the cabin's cargo-carrying capacity. As with all Stow 'n Go seating, with the seats upright, the bins beneath become handy storage areas for sundry items.

Since the interior is designed to accommodate both people and cargo, a durable marine-type rubberized material is used for the cabin flooring.

Behind the rear seats the backlite retracts into a midgate which in turn folds down into the forward part of the cargo bed. With the both midgate and one or more of the passenger seats in a stored position, lengthier items can be carried without having to lower the tailgate.

After the midgate, the five-foot box offers many utility options, including retractable cargo hooks and built-in formations arranged to secure 2"x4" boards. The three-position tailgate can be deployed upright, folded down 98 degrees, or dropped further to an angle of 117 degrees. In this position a stored-in-the-tailgate slide-out ramp can be extended to acc


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    Is this thing on? :confuse:

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    I love Dodge trucks, especially the Dakota, but if they want to replace it with the Rampage, that's fine. My only concern is its description sounds like a souped up Avalanche, and I hate Avalanches!
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    But if you see the photos, it's like 1000X hotter, with a stylish cab, and a Hemi that the Dakota doesn't offer.

    Hopefully, the name will change. Rampage is too cool! :shades:

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    i think that the rampage isnt as great as some people may think, the reason for this is that it is a copy of the honda ridgeline because of the independent suspension, which no other truck had before, also, i think that the ramp that it has from the tailgate isnt gonna be useful at all to some people. the bigger engine is a plus, but y only front wheel drive, there needs to be a 4wd on it, i have to admit that the stow and go seating is a good idea,the 22 in tires seem way too big for it, i bet half of the truck is going to be changed by the time production rolls around
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    Changes that MUST be made to Dodge Dakota:

    1. Change the name of the Dakota to Rampage!

    2. Change the front end to the Rampage front end

    3. Make 20" wheels available

    4. Make Hemi available (But have 400+HP, 6.1 Hemi, available for the Ram when it gets redesigned around 2009!)

    5. Stow and Go rear seats, with a power rear window, or removable, door action rear cab wall available.

    3.5 V6 (250HP), or Hemi power (drop the outdated 4.7 V8).

    Toyota's Tacoma would be sweatin' bullets!

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    Smart Man !! This vehicle is for those who want a truck but have other needs, such as the typical 'harold homeowner' would have the need for. Lets face it. Familes have been forced to have mini-vans because there are no other options... Not anymore !!

    So please don't compare this to any other truck on the market....thisa is in a class of its own
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    Is the Hemi really needed if this goes into production. Especially if its front wheel drive.. How much power will this thing need. I would hope they would like to keep the price down....
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    the sliding doors in the back have to go, they make it seem like a van, also make a smaller engine or get 4WD, the front end needs to be changed, and the lights on it rite now will never be on the production line, it will be cheap lights instead, these are only for show, the ridgeline is the same thing, and it has better features than the rampage, so, this may be better than the tocoma, but it will not beat the features of some other trucks
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    I agree with you on the engine size...A 'Family Truck" will not need a huge engine. If someone needs that Hemi power, they can get a Ram. I think the slidig doors should be changed to suicide doors instead. The Ridgline is overpriced so I hope they could sell in the mid 20's.
    i read an article that most trucks will go to sto and go seating in the next few years...
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    Have a V6, FWD model.

    And a Hemi, AWD model.

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    i agree with u bubbahotep, they should put in suicide doors, the ridgeline wont go down in price though, they r leaving it high becuz of what is in it, so, i think that the rampage will also be in the low 30's, i also dont like the idea of the stow and go seating on trucks, if someone needs to put anything into a truck, they can just put the seats up to make room,

    DrFill, thats the best idea ive heard today, make more than one type of an engine, this truck deoesnt seem like its gonna be made for off road, just seems like a family truck, do u think that they will have a two door model also?
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    Does anyone think that the rampage will replace the Dakota ? If it goes into production, I was hoping the size would be somewhere between the Dakota and Ram.

    Also, how long does it take for Dodge to decide if they will make this go into production, 2-3 years ??
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    1. If they release this before Ford can fix the Ranger, the Ranger is done!

    2. The Dakota has no buzz, no press, and is off the radar screen, passed by vehicles like Nissan Frontier. If Frontier can pass you, you need a major overhaul of how you compete in that class.

    3. If the Ridgeline had a halfway conventional look, or if Honda had any type of truck pedigree, it would outsell vehicles like Frontier.

    4. The Ram will have to get more powerful when it is redesigned, and I doubt the 5.7 Hemi will be retired anytime soon, so why not use it to revitalize a dying vehicle in your truck stable? They have the 6.1 they can use for the next Ram.

    5. Having driven the Ram, forget it's styling, if they can give it a great "lead-in" vehicle, they will have a Dodge Truck buyer for a long time, once in the fold.

    I don't see a downside to changing the name, adding the Hemi, or even making it a soft-roader. They are on the right path, and can take huge chunks from clearly inferior trucks like Colorado and Ranger.

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    Heres my situation...

    33 years old.
    wife is 8 months pregnant
    just bought a house 3 months ago...

    Sounds like I need a mini-van , right ??
    --I don't want a car cuz I'm tired of driving on the highway and not being able to see whats going on.
    --But I don't want a gas hog either - (300 miles a week)
    --I run to the hardware store very often considering I just bought a house and never have room to haul anything back home....
    -- I don't plan on going off-road anymore . Been there, done that.
    -- I need something that has easy access to a baby seat and the rear seating.
    -- And....I want something cool. I may be in my early thirties, but I'm far from dead and shouldn't have to be tied down to mini-van life....

    I probably wouldn't have said this ten years ago, but this whole concept of a family truck is for me !
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    rite now, i think ur spening amount is the situation, if you hav about $30,000, then you should go with the ridgeline becuz, the back seats have enough room for a baby seat and it has the best safety for a pickup truck ever, the gas mileage is ok, it gets about 22 on the highway, and 19 on local after the engine is driven about 3000 miles, it comes with a three year, 30,000 mile warranty, if you need more info, pm me on aim at gugimann or email me at [email protected], i myself own one and its great, i can go on and on, but i wont, just send me a message if u want more info or if wanna debate about other trucks
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    the ridgline would be a great choice for me. I'm was trying to hold out until the 07 model comes out and purchase an 06 for a little cheaper. But then I heard about the rampage, I thought I might wait and see if it makes production. If not, I will get the ridgleine.
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    Get the Ridgeline.

    If the Rampage comes out, it won't be until 2009, so the Hemi Rampage would be a nice 2nd generation step up.

  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    Is a FWD HEMI even possible ?!?!
  • gugimanngugimann Member Posts: 11
    if dodge says thats wat they're gonna have, then it is possible, i doubt its gonna be great, a 4wd would make for a better outsome for the truck.
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    For those interested in filling out a survey on the rampage, go to www.dodge.com . Type 'rampage' in the search and answer a few questions. only take a couple of minutes...
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    Done! ;)

    Interesting to see this thread AND the questionaire on Dodge website. :surprise: I would be very interested in this vehicle should they bring it to market. It definitely has the future of LIGHT duty trucks with no apparent apologies. FYI: Sorely disappointed with Honda's recent effort. :mad:

    In the questionaire on Dodge's website they seemed to ask the proper questions (4 different engine options!) and specifically asked what vehicle was currently owned. Even asked your level of interest in the overall design! Time will certainly tell, but this seems to be what the current light duty trucks coulda, woulda, shoulda been! :shades:
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    your are exactly right !! I think there is a growing interest in this truck and a definite needed change for light duty trucks.... The big 3 are way past due on a change. I hope this actually replaces the Dakota.
    Honda missed the mark, not only in styling, but price as well.. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Concepts go through a long drawn out process to become production models.
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    I took the survey. What is up with the questions like what is your yearly income and how much time do you spend on Auto forums? What does that have to do with anything?
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    the only thing I can think of is Dodge is trying to figure out who the target audience would be for this vehicle and what route they are going to take to market it .
  • 79customd79customd Member Posts: 87
    I wonder what Auto forums has to do with the target audiense though? Who knows? :confuse: :confuse:
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    I know that when Toyota was still debating on building the fj cruiser, they sent out a survey with the same type of questions. Who knows... As long as they build it or something close to it :D
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    Is the Rampage really being considered to replace the Dakota? I love the Dakota frame and its work ready desighn but with fuel prices its really not practical. I might consider buying a non-Hemi Rampage that gets better MPG. I havent heard if its to replace or compliment the Dakota.
  • bubbahotepbubbahotep Member Posts: 12
    Sales are not where they should be for the Dakota. It could be styling, gas price, who knows. I have no concrete evidence but I did read where it is highly unlikely that Dodge would carry 3 trucks, and we know they aren't getting rid of the RAM.
    I agree with you on the Hemi. I think it would be a little much for this truck, but the Hemi do have multi-displacement now. Add that with a hy-brid and we could see one of the best MPG in truck history ...
  • 79customd79customd Member Posts: 87
    No likely in my opinion. The DoD has put Dodge mileage figures about up to where my dads old body GMC( 1999 )was back in 1998. Dodge eally has not been forced to make any drastic changes for fuel economy until now and the Hemi is wired for performance. I'm not impressed that a Hybrid version would change the Rams mileage 1mpg. The Ram is heavy and the Hemi is tuned for performance so unless there are some major changes ( e.g Dodge comes out with a real and working mans engine again ) I dont anticipate Rams mileage up above where it is not.

    BTW, Hoow far down are the Dakotas sells right now? Last I heard was they were down 25%. OUCH! :sick:

    I think that the Rampage will be a chance for Dodge to hop on the enconomy-friendly train and get serious but they will screw it up if they try to sport tune it like they have EVERY OTHER vehichle they make. I think Dodge over done the Hemi when the Magnum was introduced with Hemi power ( C'mon...a souped up station wagon? ) :confuse:
  • ergoergo Member Posts: 56
    Truck - May06 - May05
    Tacoma 14,842 14,363
    Colorado/Canyon 10,144 13,966
    Ranger 9,628 11,098
    Frontier 7,409 5,104
    Dakota 6,749 11,840
    Ridgeline 4,655 3,297
    Isuzu i Series 638 0

    Well, here's the most recent numbers. If one single sales month helps anyone decide the future of the light truck market! ;)

    A diesel motor would help all of these be more efficient. Hopefull the EPA will settle down and be consistent with their annual rule changes!

    Hopefully the Rampage will come to pass. Being that it would be off a completely different platform than a Dakota (which is heavily related to the Ram), I'm not so sure the success of one will mean the demise of the other. :confuse:

    BTW the Dodge Magnum is impressive. Any car based wagon that can be outfitted to tow 3,850lbs is a damn useful design! Caddy's SRX can tow 4,250 lbs as well. Both solid platforms for a light duty rampage truck...possibly! Not sure if they'll offer the fold flat seats though. :cry: :shades:
  • 79customd79customd Member Posts: 87
    If the Rampage comes to pass, then what?
    Dodge pops the Hemi in it too? Dodge has the Hemi in their trucks, cars, station wagon, and the Rampage is gonna be car based right? Minivan Hemi??? :confuse:

    Dodge ought to put some serious thought into researching a new engine that is about a 3.0L V6 that they can dub the SEMI HEMI :P

    Dodge has totally abused the Hemi. Back in the 70s. The Hemi was rare and only found in muscle cars. Now...um...its in trucks and statio wagons? SEMI HEMI would at least get better mileage and would not be against history. I dunno maybe thats just me talking. ;)

    Tubb Bilford Jr
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    So the Dakota is down over 40%. Having sold for Dodge this year, the Dakota has the anti-buzz going for it. That's kinda why I created this forum!

    The Rampage can't take down Tacoma, even with a Hemi, but it can pass Ranger/Frontier/Colorado.

    Colorado is even sorrier than Dakota! Or just as sorry (that's a tough one!) :confuse:

    Considering the size of the Rampage concept, I'd bet on whatever high end V-6 that goes into the Chrysler Minivan for 2008, and the Hemi being the engine lineup.

    Finally, the 4.7 gets a room in Retirement Village! Woo-Hoo! :)

    I must fill out my survey now.

  • 79customd79customd Member Posts: 87
    Finally at least the Dak waont be competing with the Ram for sales. The Dak is down 40%? Dag! Dodge better drop that fast before it pulls them under. Thats still kinda funny that dodge is replacing the Dak with a Caravan based truck! Its humorus to me!
  • sbottomleysbottomley Member Posts: 3
    i can see why they are not selling the Dakota. The stering colum is to low! I am 6'3" 230lbs. and i can not get my lags under the colum. If i did i would have the stering wheel in my chest. and i could not put my lags straight. Now this new one looks cooler and is longer but they put it behind the seat and took seat room from it. If they will stop having short people making these cars and trucks and put the room back in them. I was going to buy one till i found i could not get in it and i would say noone fits in it but short people like ladys! Trucks are a man think so make them for us USA men not the Japan men. I hope this new truck fits better thats all i can say or the same thing will happen to this truck, noone buying.
  • joestatixjoestatix Member Posts: 11
    If you read the article about it on allpar.com you'll understand why this truck most likely wont be produced but rather one of their many test vehicles to test the waters for a dakota replacement. If your to lazy to click on that link and read the article this is the reasoning on why they wont produce this (This is pretty clearly a "what if" concept that stretches the boundaries; it's a test of ideas, not a look at an actual, upcoming vehicle. In short, don't expect to see a Dodge Rampage in 2008 or 2009; it probably won't happen. We might see something based on the Dakota (who decided that Dodge didn't need a compact or mid-sized pickup, but needed two full-size pickups, anyway?) or the Mitsubishi compact pickup; or we might not. But a Hemi-powered front-wheel-drive vehicle with the potential to have a temporary rear-wheel weight bias (when loaded up) is a lawsuit magnet.) < allpa.com for the whole article http://www.allpar.com/cars/concepts/dodge/rampage.html
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    FWD is not an option, but Hemi, cool retro name, and "I'm a good-looking Ridgeline" style are essential for the Rampage!

    If they keep the Dakota name, after this dud, there is no hope for the Chrysler in the mid-size market.

    Haven't seen a more perfect name for a P/U since they were actually named "Pickup"!

  • dialm4speeddialm4speed Member Posts: 110
    Yeah straight up Honda Ridgeline! There's 3 reasons why this doesn't stand a chance in h... well you know. 1. The obvious - it's ugly! 2. Another truck is not what Chrysler needs - ask the guys that wanted the Gladiator. 3. With Chrysler about to be offered up on the auction block I'd say everything on the drawing board will be cancelled.
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    Poorly, the Rampage can only come as part of the 2009 Ram redesign, which has been stated at AllPar's site.

    Having seen the Rampage again last month, I hope the Rampage has a major influence over the next Ram, and not the Nitro's styling, which hasn't exactly set the market afire.

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