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Honda Element Tires and Wheels



  • I'm not sure whether you have already made your choice and have purchased a new set of tire or not, but here is what I did and am very satisfied with.

    I'm like you. I had pushed my OEM to the end. At about 58K, however, I had decided to go ahead and change them even though I believed I could squeeze out another 5-10K. I purchased BF Goodrich Long Trails from Costo. For a set of four, including all mounting, life time balancing, etc the price came out to $343. I absolutely love these tires. These are much quieter than the OEMs and I average 25 miles/gallon. I plan to squeeze out at least 60K out of these tires. It is noticeablly better in all conditions than the OEMs. I didn't have any problems with the OEMs but they were more than $100 a piece excluding all other charges that tire shop typically charges, which would make the total cost difference more than $100 between the two brands. Also,having driven on both brands, I would still buy the BF G's over the GY's even if there is no price advantage. I hope this helps.
  • venona7venona7 Posts: 1
    Sorry for the post above..wrong key pushed. I purchased Long Trails from Costco for less than 350 bucks installed including tax. This is a much better tire that the Wrangler HP that is stock on the 2005 EX. HP was pretty well shot by 18,000 miles and yes I do rotate tires. Much better ride and durability from the BFG..handles better too.
  • vetter1vetter1 Posts: 1
    I'm about to purchase an '08 Element EX for my wife. I generally lean toward larger wheels when available. The EX comes with 16" alloy wheels - the SC comes with 18". I don't want the SC (carpet in the back and small styling points) but am thinking of getting the dealer to add the 18" SC wheels and tires. Also everybody here seems to think the OEM tires on the 16" stink. Anybody got experience with the 18" wheels and tires? Any reason these won't work on the EX?
  • I actually just bought an EX and put the SC wheels on. I love them. Yeah, they ride a little rougher, but no rougher than a mid-level car with 55 series 18s. Go for it!
  • Came with 16X6.5" Alloy Wheels. AWD, it has the wrangler tires and I can't wait to replace them. I've got 10,000 mi on them, soon to be rotated and I think they will never make it to the expected wear. I thought the noise went along with the car. I do love the car. I want the SC 18" tires because it looks real nice. I have read a lot of useful information here and found there is much to consider when purchasing a new set of tires. Do I have to change the rims to accommodate a larger tire? I would rather not deal with the Dealer in this matter.
  • I own a 2007 Element EX. I've been wanting to replace my OEM wheels with 18's. What have you notice for difference in ride quality when going from 16's to 18's on Elements?
  • djdaledjdale Posts: 1
    I am also about to buy an EX and I want to put the 18" wheels on it. Any problems with this idea?
  • I'm at a 70K mark at my 04 Element. Just about to replace my OEM tires. Yes, 70K. I can't believe reading posts people are replacing tires at 30K. OK, I exceeded my expectations too, I planned 60K. What do you guys do with those OEM's? Drive deflated? I rotate every 15,ooo and keep them at recommended PSI +5%. That's all. Now - any advise on the tires?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Why not another set of the OEM tires? You had great luck with the first set.
  • snomtnsnomtn Posts: 2
    Can you use 225 70 16 tires on the Element?
  • snomtnsnomtn Posts: 2
    I,m new to this, my question is, can you use 225 70 16 tires on a Element?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Had to replace mine this week after almost 46K miles. I ordered Michelin LTX 215 70 16s and ill let you know how they do.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I've got about 43k on mine now, but I think they have a lot left. I prefer the off-road look, so I thought I would replace them with something with white letters. Anyone have any ideas?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    The Michelins i put on look alot more aggressive and have a quieter smoother ride, plus i plan on these lasting me about 100K so ill have to see how that goes. So far i love them.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I checked the Costco website last nite and the Long Trails were priced at about $110 each. How did the other guys get 4 for under $350?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Best guess would be the "specials" that are in the tire adds every few weeks. Cheap price for tires that usually dont last too long.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I did some research and CU rated the Grabbers higher than any other tire. I also found similar rating results at TireRack and others.
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    The warehouse clubs often have instant rebates for sets of 4 tires. They almost always have $60 - $100 off a set of 4 depending on brand.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Thanks Mo, I got my Grabbers today, $135/tire out the door.
  • Bought '08 element with 18" Acura wheels. Need to replace tires and have been advised that i can improve ride and handleing by going back to 16" wheels, plus save $ on repacement tires. What do u recommend?
  • Spinninjim,

    Did you get any responses on the switching out the 18" wheels for 16" i'm about to buy and SC next week and that is the first switch I want to make.
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