2013 Hyundai Sonata Engine Stalls/Dies While Driving

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We bought a brand new 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS from Hyundai of Kirkland with couple of additional services including maintenance package.

At very first we started experiencing issues with the brake. While applying the brakes, the car used to give a jerk. We reported this during our regular oil change appointment to the dealer but they didn’t find anything. We continued complaining about the brake issue during our next 2 oil change appointments but every time they didn’t find anything. The brake issue stopped by its own.

Next after few months, we started having another serious issue, our car used to stall in the middle of the driving with the check engine light on the dashboard. On turning on the car again it used to start but there was constant check engine light on the dashboard.

When it happened first time, we reported to Hyundai of Kirkland, they simply cleared check engine light but again could not find the cause. But the issue of car stalling did not resolve. Multiple times the car stopped/stalled suddenly in the middle of the freeway which was little frightening; this could have been a life threatening incident for us.
In mean time, we also got recall from Hyundai for the engine stalling issue with separate extended warranty letter. During our next oil change, I was informed that Hyundai of Kirkland resolved the car stalling recall issue. But we experienced this issue again and we almost had an accident with the car behind us.

Considering this serious issue and with multiple bad experiences with Hyundai of Kirkland we decided to go to Hyundai of Everett. The Hyundai of Everett informed us (by looking at the car service history) the car stalling issue is already resolved on our car and if it happened again bring the car ASAP so they can get the code from the check engine light. After this appointment within 15 days we had the issue again and we took the car within half hour to Hyundai of Everett.

Hyundai of Everett found that the carbon was build up in the car throttle body and they resolved it. We got a call to pick of our car from them and on the way home from Hyundai of Everett we had same issue again. We took the car again to them right away. As of now 10/14/2017 our car is still with Hyundai of Everett (almost from 1.5 week) and they are trying to reproduce the issue.

This all has been very frustrating and little frightening for us. We got brand new Hyundai and now have only 30k miles on it, always serviced on the time with the authorized dealer and still had the issue numerous times.

We want to post this to make our fellow friends aware about this extremely bad and unprofessional experience with Hyundai with such a serious issue.


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    research problem here:

    join forum and send PM to "sbr711" and he will help you.
    remember you have 5 years and 60k mile warranty! read the fine print


    i have 2011 sonata gls and have endured 11 recalls so far.
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    go here and enter your VIN for open recalls:


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    The problem most likely is the crankshaft position sensor. It gets loose and causes the car to kill when driving. The best advice is to replace it and clean the contacts. It should just go away after that. it probably got loose while looking around or cleaning the fuel injectors or changing the air filter. happened to me.
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    The dealership will never find codes for this. It will look like a phantom issue.
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    I have a 2013 Sonata, just recently the alarm started going off while I was driving the longer I drove the louder the alarm got. Once I pulled over and put the car on park the alarm and flashing lights stopped. The car is still under warranty so that took it into the dealer to find out what was wrong. They informed me that the car that I bought from a dealership has an aftermarket alarm installed and is not covered by warranty. We even bought an extended warranty. I got out my window sticker and sure enough the alarm system in not listed there. Makes me wonder how many other Hyundai drivers have the same after market parts. If so and it goes bad it’s gonna cost us to fix.
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    My Hyundai sonata just stalled on me while I'm driving.  Never happened before til now,  Hyundai has some serious problems. First they recalling vehicles because of engines catching fire now my car stalls.... this is ridiculous. 
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    My Hyundai sonata just stalled on me while I'm driving.  Never happened before til now,  Hyundai has some serious problems. First they recalling vehicles because of engines catching fire now my car stalls.... this is ridiculous. 

    1. over 2800 posts in this thread:

    There is a recall with FREE engine replacement if you have the condition noted above.

    2. The recall about engine fires was due to improper tightening of the high pressure fuel line during engine replacement. It affected 68,000 cars!
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    I have a 2013 sonata stalled While on driving I took to a Mechanic can do nothing, Any idea?
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