2008 Lexus HPX!

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Great News! Phenomonal!!

The 2003 Lexus HPX Concept is all but a go for release sometime next year!

Having seen it in the flesh in 2003 at the New York International Auto Show, this is one incredible beast!

If it is to compete with the Infinit RX, it will have it beat by PLENTY in size and utility, as, from my eyes, it is similar, if not bigger than, the Caddy SRX, which was also at that show.

Suffice to say, the V8 implanted in it will be considerably stronger than the 320HP currently used in the Infiniti.



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    yeah, i think it'll have the new 4.6 making 380hp. maybe a bit less to increase torque.

    how do you think will they call it?
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    For "Performance Crossover".

    Uh......Infiniti FX is a great name, but already taken.

    "LX" for Large Crossover is also taken.

    Nissan has dibs on "SX" and "ZX".

    Uh.....I think "HPX", for "High Performance Crossover", will work.

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    i don't think they will use a 3 letter name.

    what about "VX", i've heard rumors of a lexus suv called VX to replace the LX a couple of months ago.

    hey,..wait, isn't "VX" a nerve gas?
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    Going to 3 letters is not preferred, but I don't think buyers will mind.

    Then again, what does "IS" mean?

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    Neither do I think buyers will mind 3 letters, but it just doesn't fit to the model line-up.

    "IS" doesn't mean anything, i think, but it sounds good and is "sporty" somehow ...

    If they choose "VX" the problem is that they have named a vehicle after a nerve gas, though most customers won't mind, i think the name is kinda not proper...
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    Intelligent Sport.

    Early January - In-Production - ES 350, RX 350

    Early February - In-Production - GS 450h
    - Product Launch - ES 350

    Mid February - Product Launch - RX 350

    Early September - Products Launch - LS 460
    - Engine Change - GS 460

    Early January - Product Launch - IS Convertibles

    Early September - Product Launch - LX Replacement
    - Product Launch - LS 600h

    Back to work for me!
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    so, do you think the HPX is the September 2007 LX replacement?
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    LS means simply "Luxury sedan".

    ES means "Executive Sedan".

    How does IS become "Intelligent Sport"? Maybe it means "Incredible Sedan"?


    It is big enough! But it will obviously change the RangeRover competitor focus for the top SUV.

    Since the LC/LX470 is being replaced in Toyotas lineup with a back-to-basics $20k Land Cruiser, Lexus may want to chart a new path at the top, and make a bigger RX, as it is their most popular vehicle. A RX with 3 rows.

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    Yea yea yea.....

    I saw it once in the Lexus brochure that included all vehicles. It was for 2003 I believe. It defined what each model name stood for. IS was Intelligent Sport. Do a google on it, Docta! ;)
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    ES does not mean Exective sedan, it means Entry Sedan

    The LX 470 Land Cruiser platform will not be downsized. There is a preview in an Australian magazine showing the new front end, which is common with the new 2007 Toyota Tundra. Expect a few changes in it for the new LX/JX Flagship SUV.
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    Then they lied to Motor Trend in 1991, because they explained what LS and ES meant when they first developed the moden ES300 (Not the ES250, short run).

    The article says LS means Luxury Sedan, while ES means Executive Sedan. Maybe it was a misprint. It happens.

    Where would I get "Executive Sedan" from?

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    have any pictures of this new model?? by the way any word on whether Lexus is building a Sequoia-type SUV?
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