Electrical Problem- HELP!!!

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My 2005 Chrysler will not turn over. Lights work, blower on heater works but when you turn the key nothing happens. No clicks just nothing happens at all. Bettery is fine. I turned it off last night when I got home from work and it was fine and now it is dead. Triend diconnecting the negative battery teminal as was suggested for the WCM ( Something to do with a static chrge from the key and that did not fix the problem either. It is still dead. We even tried to jump start it and still nothing. It is my work vehicle and I really need to get it back and running. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • jorettredmanjorettredman Member Posts: 3
    Also the radio will not come on either if that helps anyone with any suggestions.
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    Can you pull codes from the PCM? If so what are they? What about other modules in the vehicle?
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    OK I admit I am a woman and have no idea how to pull codes from the PCM. I will be glad to try if you can tell me how? I thought cars had to be running in order to hool them to a test of any kind. If you tell me where it is I will try. Do I need a special piece of equipment ? I have checked all the fuses both under the hood as well as inside and they all look good.
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    I'm a little rusty, been a few years since I've worked on any Chrysler. But I seem to remember a big fuse at one edge of the fuse box under the hood. This is a main fuse, will stop voltage from getting to the alternator or the starter. It should be under a black or clear cover, at one end of the fuse box under the hood.

    The other thing that I would check would be the battery cable ends, at both ends. Clean them up, use some diet soda to clean any corrosion away and make sure they make good contact when you hook them back up.

    I've also seen a battery that seems good, the lights and ignition come on, but it just doesn't have enough voltage to make the engine turn over after sitting over night. You can take the battery to any autoparts store and ask them to load test it, most do it for free.

    And don't tell these men that you're a woman, they will start talking to you like you're an idiot, IF they talk to you at all. lol
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    You can't pull codes on a running vehicle, and there is no way to pull flash codes since OBD II took over in 1995. With some cars you can still actuate the flash codes, but you can't find the list of the codes and what they correspond to because it isn't published.

    To pull OBD II codes you need a code puller. Amazon and most auto parts stores sell them for cheap. But if the car in question is not a CAN vehicle, you're not going to get a code that tells you anything about why your car won't start.
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