Dodge Dakota 4x4 Problems



  • oootinmanooooootinmanooo Member Posts: 1
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    my check engine light is on when i start my truck in the am. i have no power from starting point to 60km per hour. after driving the truck for an hour or 2, the engine light shuts off & normal start & stop power is back. please help! it's a 2001 dakota v6 4x4 auto. all fluids are full and oil changed regularly
  • bobbyg22bobbyg22 Member Posts: 3
    i have a 2005 dodge slt quad cab when i use my powere door locks or my key to open door it engages my transfer case motor and puts into 4 wd i use the electronic switch on dash sometimes to get it out sometimes my 4lo light on dash flashes does anyone have any ideas
  • bobbyg22bobbyg22 Member Posts: 3
    hey let me know my problem is when i use my power door locks it engages my transfer case motor and when i use my key to get into my truck let me know
  • carvermancarverman Member Posts: 101
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    The transfer case is shift controlled electronically. There is a TCCM (Transfer
    Case Control Module + the encoder motor sensor + the selector switch on
    the dash. The problem may be in any one of those three. best to take it to
    a dealer and use the DRB scan tool to analyze the fault.
  • 2818micheal2818micheal Member Posts: 2
    today my trucks 4 lo light flashed 3 times them repeated while driving down the interstate.later i was backing up out of a parking stall and it dropped into 4 lo on its own took 3 times of forward and reverse to get it to go anywhere. does sound like your problem if so what did you find out?
  • marchalmarchal Member Posts: 3
    I ended up having to take it in and the problem was the 4wd control chip which needed to be replaced. I think I ended up spending about $600 to get it fixed.
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