2003 Honda Accord advice

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Hello I am new to this forum and I am a new Honda owner as well. I use it as I am an Uber driver. I bought my used 2003 accord last April at 75,000. It is now at 120,000 miles. I have gotten oil changes regularly like routine changed the Valve engine gasket cover (because that was needed) this is the only maintenance aside from the usual brake pads and rotors. I am new to Hondas and it’s seems to run fine but I have a feeling it’s in need some maintenance or tuneup job. Can you guys please give me some advice on what I should be investigating or how to keep my car in good condition and what exactly what I need to do. get a tuneup or anything else that Honda’s usually get that I need to check? thanks in advance


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    Is there something specific that's giving you the feeling it needs some maintenance? Sounds like you've been keeping up on the maintenance, so there must be something you're seeing, hearing, or feeling. Also given the age/mileage on the vehicle, you are going to run into non-routine repairs like the valve cover gasket you mentioned.
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