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2004 Highlander electrical problem

choochoomanchoochooman Member Posts: 38
edited October 2017 in Toyota
both passenger pow windows will go down and not come up it does this using the dr main switch and the ind door switches if I shut the doors hard they will go back up, also when sunroof is open you have to tap on the switch cover in order for it to close anyone else have same issues
10/25/17 update wife driving vehicle and now the dr side rear window went down by itself wont come backup haven't had prior issues with this one before so now I have 3 power windows and sunroof not working on a 80,000 mile vehicle has anyone else had these problems? never will I recommend a Toyota product or own another one everyone kept telling me you can't go wrong with the dependability BS


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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Shutting the doors hard allows the widows to go back up, and you need to tap on the switch cover to get the sunroof to close. Both of those scenarios would have me checking for loose electrical connections first. With electrical problems, it certainly is possible that something else is going on given the age of the vehicle, but a loose or corroded connector seems a distinct possibility since "banging on it" seems to jar things into action.
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