Civic with issues!!! Won't stay running and RPM's drop suddenly but no check engine light.

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Please help. My daughter's 2000 civic ex started stalling out a week ago. We took it to be checked and there were no CEL or codes and everything checked ok. It then died and had to be jumped, We replaced the battery and had the alternator checked. Still died. Took it to the mechanic and had a new throttle body installed, new spark plugs, idle air control valve, gasket and new ignition switch all to try to correct the problem. The car then wouldn't even start the first day. Now it started and we drove it fine for a few hours and then it acted like it was cutting out while driving. Took it to Honda. They kept it for three days and hooked it to every computer and checked it top to bottom....told us they couldn't even replicate it. We got it back and drove it and again it died three times while on the road with my daughter in motion. The car died when she finally got to her destination in park and idling. Then today it just died and won't restart without a jump.. Noone can find what is wrong...please help!!!! Has anyone else had this issue with one of these cars???


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    Have you checked the fuel pump/filter/lines? I don't see that in all the items you list as checked/replaced.
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    Fuel filter was replaced, pump and lines were checked.
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