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Chevrolet Monte Carlos of the 1970s

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
We owned a seafoam green (not sure what the official color name was) 1977 Monte Carlo. This was a great car complete with an electric sunroof which was rather amazing in 1977. The car met an early demise being wrapped around a tree, but she was a beauty up until the day she bit the bark.


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    shagshag Member Posts: 1
    :) I am trying to find replacement part's fro my 1975 Nova an My 1979 Monte Carlo an help will be appreciated :shades:
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    delphiwelderdelphiwelder Member Posts: 1
    I worked afternoons in the body shop at a Chevy dealership during my senior high school year in 1977. I still remember watching out the shop bay door and seeing the trucks delivering those new 1977 Monte Carlos. One nice spring afternoon a hauler pulled in and dropped off 3 Montes. Two of them were red ones that were ordered by two mechanics at the dealership. One of those is still owned by the mechanic and is stored away with 40000 miles on it. He had ordered it with every option including the electric sunroof. A beautiful red Monte with white laudau roof and white swivel bucket seat interior.
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    mikel56mikel56 Member Posts: 2
    Getting white build up on oil cap and valve cover, and just wondering if this is due to an intake manifold gasket cracked or leaking. 125k, no external anti freeze leaks. Been adding anti freeze about every couple of days to the over-flow bottle. Any related problems with the 3.1's out there?
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    monteman1978monteman1978 Member Posts: 1
    I own 2 1978 Monte Carlo Landaus and love them. One is soon to become a donor car for the other one. The only problem I have found with the 3rd gen Monte is that Chevy and its lack of wisdom did not put a bigger and more powerfull motor in the Monte. :D
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    mc7077mc7077 Member Posts: 2
    First of all I love the 'real' Monte Carlos of the 1970's...but the one great question that I'd love to ask of Chevrolet is why the heck!! did you guys put any vinyl roofs on them....so ugly like that and why?? Even on Olds Cutlass cars, the old Edmunds price guide puts a 'Brougham' or 'Landau'..key words for with that ugly old vinyl roof installed..said a car with a vinyl roof is worth much more, when in reality I and many others wouldn't give you anything for them..this includes Monte Carlos. GM and its divisions should have woke up and took note!! Monte Carlos are not!!! personal luxury cars!! What is the winningest car in Winston Cup races?? Of course, the Chevy Monte Carlo!! Why no more powerful engines in these in the 70's or even the 1980's SS editions either??? What the HECK!!, and I'm being polite in that, did Chevy think they were building...a sports coupe..not a personal luxury car! Why no options for true dual exhaust or a manual transmission? GM is less than intelligent to think they can dictate to the consumer what is and isn't sporty. Corvettes? Sure, if you want a plastic car and have the money. And calling a El Camino a SS????!! REALLY? A truck is at best a glorified back porch with a large motor attached?? And then after the rear wheel demise of the true V-8 Montes of the 1980's..GM has to 'doll up' a Caprice police car and label it as a Impala SS?? Again.. REALLY?? Nice cars all in all and powerful, but why didn't you give Monte Carlos this same attention to power, handling, etc...?? I will never see a 4 door car, no matter how fast with the LT1 engine, as a true sports car!! Old Chevy Novas? Good, fast, lightweight..but too plain Jane and ugly to be glorified as pretty and desirable...heck, they used to ahve and drive 4-door Novas and Chevelles as taxi cabs!! 4 doors, I know, but still the same car outwardly all in all..Vegas were at least pretty to look at in their own right..just needed to be widened a little to accomadate a 'real world' engine in its bay. As I've asked at the beginning..Hey Chevrolet..why did you always give the Monte Carlos the s--- end of the stick??
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    amrcanmuscle74amrcanmuscle74 Member Posts: 1
    I love theold first and second generation montecarlos and am looking to buy one so if you know of one for sale let me know btw there might be some parts for second generation montes on www.firstgenerationmontecarlo.com ive seen them up ther.
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    hoppy11hoppy11 Member Posts: 2
    At auction I bought a 1977 Monte Carlo Landau with 7 miles on the odometer.It
    was on the lot when a Chevy Dealer closed and was driven to storage.Sticker
    still in window.Chance of a lifetime.I intend to have the body blemishes removed
    and new paint by a pro.The 1 flaw is a piece of door trimming that separated &
    needs replacement.Any ideas on where I can get 1? Drove it home=45 miles
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    markysmarkys Member Posts: 1
    My father owns a 1971 model. Yeah it's simple yet classy. No wonder why it's become a competitor of Ford Thunderbird. The monte carlo parts are, moreover, durable.
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    bigjer2bigjer2 Member Posts: 4
    hi all,
    I am a new owner of a totally original 77 Monte Carlo Landeau.......with 28k miles on the clock!!
    She's a beauty....all options.
    Does anyone know where I can find a sunroof weather seal?......it doesnt leak.....but after 33 yrs...it is dried out and cracked.
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