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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • thanks bumperdude for the post. I'll let you know how this all turns out. so far, no freewheeling. I'm thinking something with the computer, as it cleared up for a while. miss the good old days in a way....without the software!
  • Just got back from the dealer. Turns out a transponder that sends transmission fluid pressure to the ECM went out of whack. GM had a TSB on the problem, so they hooked it up to the computer and reset every thing. Time will tell if it happens again. According to them, this was the first time they had seen this problem at their service department. Obviously, it wasn't the first time the boys in Detroit had heard about it. All is well for now. Love my truck!
  • beaverman

    The idiot at the car lot was right. The slave cylinder is bad. Near the clutch actuating arm is a smaller clutch slave cylinder. There is a piston inside, and it has seals on it that can go bad, just like on a brake wheel cylinder. Sometimes they can be honed out and rebuilt with new seals, sometimes not. It is a common problem.

    It could also be the clutch master cylinder, but check the slave first. It is smaller, easier, and cheaper to replace than the master.

    Sometimes pumping the clutch pedal works, just like pumping the brake pedal when the brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder goes bad. But that's just a temporary solution until you can get it home and replace it.

  • I have an old k1500 plow truck that was perfectly fine three weeks ago until I got a foot of snow today and I went to plow and had no drive or reverse gears. The fluid is fine. Is it possible that the cable between the shifter and the tranny just broke? If so is there a quick fix im snowed in...
  • I have an '07 silverado with a scrubbing noise in the motor. Took it to the dealership and was told it was a vibration that could not be fixed. Any thoughts?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Like with a doctor. If you don't like the first prognosis, get a second opinion from another dealer.
  • i had nothing like that but the answer that they gave is unacceptable. ask to speak to the service manager.
  • Hi,
    Will a transmission fluid leak affect only the high gear. It will pull in the lower gears up to about 35mph, but not in the high gear. It was a quart low on fluid and has been leaking what we thought was oil?
  • I have a 2002 Duramax w/ the allison 5 speed automatic transmission. I have 116,000 miles on it now. Replaced the transfer case 2 months ago when it burned up. The tranny now slips out of gear every 1/2 mile or so, usually between 4th and 5th gear. Had it in to the GM certified mechanic twice, 570 dollars later they can't find the problem and recommend a new tranny (rebuild). At their price and failure to fix it after 2 tries I took it to a transmission place. They put in a rebuild Allison tranny and guess what?, it still slips out of gear! Someone suggested perhaps it is the 4x4 actuator switch. It would appear that it is not the tranny itself but no one seems to be able to figure these allisons out. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  • '03 2500HD diesel, won't to into gear, reverse or drive. Any ideas?
  • My brother bought a 2001 chevy silverado 4x4 about 2 months ago, and has had nothing but trouble. He had problems with the ABS brake light coming on when he was driving on concrete. It went back to the garage that had 'safetied' it. When my brother got the truck back, the ABS light wasn't coming on, but the trouble was still happening with the ABS coming on. He thinks the garage might have disconnected something that is now causing him even more trouble. He had the front diferential replaced. The trans is shifting intermidetaly, when it shouldn't be. When he's coming to a stop (foot on the brake), his truck actually gets more gas and the rpm's go up. The truck shifts hard (bucks), when he accelerates to 40 kms. When he is driving over 40 kms and touches the brake the tranny kicks down, and seems to get more power then when stepping on the gas. There is a loud nois after the brakes have been operated (w/o the 4x4 on), it sounds like a bad bearing, but knows it's not. He thinks this all has to do with either the ABS, electrical, transmission - or, an immobolizer that a lot of people have been having various problems with.
    If anyone can please help my brother out, he is a perfecitionist with everything, especially his vehicles. He has spoken to mechanics, and the dealership he bought the used truck from and nobody can help him out. Any advice??? Thank you.
  • edg2edg2 Posts: 1
    Bought the 2500HD used with 82k on the speedo, about 1 month after the sale the tranny got stuck in low gear, service engine lite came on. I did not have my code reader with me because I didn't need. The dealer had it over nite and said they couldn't find anything. Oyah the lite went out they said. Now @ 92k same thing, to run the darn thing I have to keep the code reader connected pull over, shut down clear the codes and then off we go for another 15-20 miles before the same thing starts all over.
    It's a 8.1lt with a 5 speed auto. I bought a $ 2,500.00 24 month warranty with it and I think the dealer does not want to fix the tranny, I've had a lot of trouble from the start. Does anyone know the GM main customer service phone number??? :lemon:
  • I love my truck, everything's been great until now. 2001 silverado 5.3L all highway miles 147K. I typically drive in 3rd except high freeway speeds. When passing it now slips a bit. My tranny shop[excellent reviews-they service CHP and patrol cars etc.] said i need a $1,800 rebuild and they will "hone" a port larger that allows more fluid to needed areas[torque converter?] I read below a mechanic suggested BP Blaster? Should I? I was also told NEVER flush a chevy's tranny, simply drop the pan drain, change filter and gasket-replace fluid. BUT $1,800??? Ouch. How much is a new one? Am I being yanked around? Thank guys, Geno in No. Calif
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054 shows $1440 for a new 4L-60E. Course that doesn't include shipping and installation.
  • 98 chevy Z71 truck shutters really bad when trying to shift into overdrive. i have put friction fluid in tranny and it will quit an run and shift smoothly for 2500 miles. then starts shuttering again. took the truck to a tranny shop. the tech says its not a tranny problem because it gives a code for 5 cylinder misfire. the thing is it only does this when it shutters. doesn't make sense to me because soon as you put friction fluid in the tranny drive for 30 minutes it quits shuttering....
  • it worked good, it has the 17 bolt pan, dont know what model.
    the truck will not go over 40mph or so the engine redline. so i assume is the tranny. i changed the fluid today it was a little dark, no metal visible, no burnt smell. no short when i took off the pan or around it, all fuses look good. btw the trany was rebuild dont know when. any help will be appre tk for the help
  • mine is a 5.3L, if it matters much. I was told by the local dealer [near sacramento] it ran $2,100. so total was $2,600 w/a 3yr 100K warranty. as opposed to $1,800 from a well known tranny specialist for him to rebuild and modify chevy impefections and i believe a 1yr but I need to ask. perhaps if I gave him $200 cash more he'd add on 2 more yrs??
  • if i dont come to a complete stop at a stop sign, when i hit the gas the transmission does not engage right away and that creates a problem when it does engage and i am at 2000RPM's. My local trans shop (Very well credited for generations) he says to me "Come pick this piece of S#&t up i cant figure out what is wrong with it and noone has any information for me on how to fix it." Has anyone had this problem with their chevy, and how did or would you correct it.
  • I have a 1996 Silverado 1500 5.7 litre It is the best truck I ever had 'till I went to put it in 4x4 one day. Now its pulling to the left like the front left tire is not locking in with the front right. I don't know if its a mechanical or electrical problem? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME SOMETHING?
  • I have a 03 Z-7, and i started having problems with the tranny this week. I was backing up then put it in drive when it jerked really hard and made a loud clank. after that all i had was 2nd, 3rd, and reverse. This continued for the remainder of the day. the next day i was going to limp it in to the mechanic and everything was back to normal. ????? It only has done one other time today and is now back to normal again. I am thinking of having the tranny flushed and putting in some type of fluid to try and clean the valves up a bit. Anyone else had this sort of problem with their truck?

    Also my message center will say Reduced Engine Power when I start it sometimes. When this happens I have no throttle and all I can do is idle. If i turn it off and let it sit a few minutes everything is back to normal. Any ideas?
  • i believer the 17 bolt is a 4L80E, i have one in a 3/4 ton chevy.
    mine shifts out of OD on a hill as is normally expected but then will not shift back into OD and then will shift hard thur gears at each stop.

    Must stop truck turn off engine for about 30 sec. start up and every thing is fine.

    Have a great Chevy truck day!!
  • I may not be much help on truck repair, but I can tell you one thing you can put in the bank.
    A perfectionist should not buy a used Chevy truck, you have to expect problems every day or so, you must just learn to live with them and fix them when they get so bad the truck will not long go.
    I do not believe this is the life style of a perfectionist, I should know I have a son who is the same way, he bought a used Ford truck with 60K, I could not believe it. But he still drives it and is always asking me to listen for some unknown rattle or noise, as a Chevy truck owner, I say do not worry about it until you think the wheel is about to come off.

    Have a great Chevy Truck day!!!!
  • how many miles, if over 100K, truck needs a tuneup anyway. New wires and plugs

    might check wire to #5, could be shorting out on something,
    cheap fix, replace number 5 wire and plug could

    When my trans acts up I stop, turn engine off for 30 sec. problem clears up and on I go, mine problem is some type electrial issue and your may be to as when it clears trans works ok, trans would never work ok if you had internal gear/clutch problems.
  • brjohnbrjohn Posts: 1
    I recently had the transmission re-built and after about 7k miles I had a grinding noise between gears. It seems to shift fine and is not slipping but at the top end of each gear I get a loud grinding noise and I have to let off the accelerator to stop it, then it shifts to the next gear. If I go easy on the accelerator it doesn't do it but I mean easy to the point of ridiculous. Also seems to do this when I am accelerating and hit a bump, almost like something is loose??? Is there any chance this could be a problem other than the transmission? The transfer case was low on fluid, but works, although it seems to go in and out when driving. Could the transfer case cause a problem like this? I need to know before I pull it for warranty. This is a automatic overdrive transmission on a 4wd. Any help or thoughts would be great.
  • Sticky solenoids. There are 4 solenoids and for what ever reason some of them stick. My truck does thi when I park it for about 3 days in cold weather.
  • jon65jon65 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what would cause my 4 speed automatic transmission in a 1999 3500 GM box van to not shift into 4th gear (overdrive). all the other gears seems to shift fine but it just won't shift into overdrive.
  • I'm buying a 2005 Silverado 1500, 2WD, Z71 package, 5.3 L (327CC) Crew Cab next month and I'm wondering where I can buy a feesable and functional (proven) code scanner for this truck. As well, anybody know of good repair manual source for this truck. I won't be overhauling any tanny's but I would like to read the book or DVD and learn how to troubleshoot sensors and electrical stuff. I thank you all in advance.
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Its impossible to dianose that problem without hooking a scanner to your truck and reading data lines. There are to many factors. But i can make a suggestion, if you have the 4L80E trans in that vehicle, try switching the input and output speed sensors. they are the same sensor, a faulty input speed sensor can cause a no 4th gear. If your symptons change then that is the problem..if not you need a scanner. they are located on the driver side of the trans on the side of the case
  • I have an 04 silverado with 90.000 miles
    the trans slips shfting into second at slow speeds after it heats up.
    if you accelerate fast it shifts fine.
    i had it flushed at 75000 miles but they did not change the filter.
    could the filter be causing this probloum.
    thanks Joe
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    While the old filter could add to the problem, I think it was caused by the flushing. I've read many people having problems with somewhat high mileage doing trans flushes. The reasoning behind it was that the "flushing" dislodges gunk, which you would think is good, but not in all instances causing more problems at times than it solves.

    I'm surprised that they would reinstall the old trans filter. I mean its the same as changing your engine oil and leaving the old filter in place.
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