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2004 jeep liberty - Transfer case?

ReneeRReneeR sacramentoMember Posts: 1
edited October 2017 in Jeep
My jeep liberty is a 2004 4x4 and when I put it in reverse it will back up but when I hit the gas it locks up.. is it my transfer case and is it a easy fix


  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    The only way to tell is to do some diagnostics.
    It could be a problem in the differential, transfer case or transmission.

    What engine? Manual or automatic transmission?

    When you say it locks up, does the vehicle actually stop? Does the engine die?

    Short of pulling the differential cover, draining the transfer case and transmission and checking for metal and disconnecting the driveline it's hard to tell.

    When you drive forward, is there any noise? Does it drive forward fine?

    If forward gears seem to work fine, I would lean more toward a differential problem, but the oil will give the best indication as to which one has a problem.
    If it is the differential, then replacing teh gear set is not a DIYer job. As the gears have to be set up properly.

    If the transfer case is the problem, no it isn't an easy fix. Requires removing the transfer case and while that isn't a terrible job, it is time consuming and the vehicle needs to be off the ground pretty good to access everything.
    The transfer case on those is chain drive and if the chain is binding on the case, then the cheapest fix is to find a used unit at a salvage/wrecking yard.
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