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Intermitent starting issue

carol109carol109 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2017 in Chrysler
I have had intermittent starter issues on my van since 2012...2012 i say... and its 2017!!! Had many times where the van would not start, whether remotely or ignition. Dealer has replaced ignition coil, solenoid, "cleaned" up burnt wiring, checked battery, etc. its been nothing short of a nightmare! well, the new service adviser, who happens to have a transmission background, took it under his hands, and with his process of elimination he began to figure out what to troubleshoot and try. before getting off on a rant, I think they finally fixed the issue so I wanted to share with EVERYONE what was done. 1. Added ground strap from battery; engine to body of vehicle to engine to give extra ground. 2. Range sensor failed; not seeing neutral causing it not to start. 3. starter just clicked and would not start the van upon attempt to start from ignition or remote. He found a TSB (sorry don't have the number) for the Ground Strap Wire. That coupled with the STAR conversation with engineers at chrysler 4. Replaced the Sensor- Transmission Range and added transmission fluid as it had to be drained to gain access to the sensor IN the transmission. I will try and attach my actual invoice from the job done. As of today I have not had any issue with the starting the van. with the exception of a hesitate start..meaning the van starts but it something is sticking for a 2-3 seconds and then follows thru with the completed start..we are addressing this next. my van is under the extended warranty which has paid for itself. I have been very pleased with the function of the extended warranty program and will purchase another for my next vehicle. Please share this with anyone else having the same issue and take this info to your dealer. and Gene said anyone can call and he will help them out or ask questions. im just pissed i had to wait this long for results...put my confidence is building each day it is driven. Actual invoice from Dealer is attached for viewing.I hope this helps many of people! Good Luck, Carol


  • coolcarguy1979coolcarguy1979 Member Posts: 6
    Had the same issue with my 2010 T&C and found it to be the TIPM (total integrated power module). The TIPM has a notorious problem of having FAULTY FACTORY RELAYS installed on the interior circuit boards. Don't run out and spend $1200 for a new TIPM that has these relays - you're throwing away your money and not solving the problem. I replaced the TIPM on my 2010 T&C with a rebuilt unit (cost $325) and it solved everything! Car runs great, A/C is working again, no problems with starting up. I bought my TIPM at: https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com
    I'm not saying you need/should purchase your TIPM from where I bought mine, I'm just saying to verify that the internal relays are not the factory-installed pieces of garbage. If the relays haven't been replaced, there's a big chance the problem will resurface.
    I would also recommend changing out the EGR valve if the car is around 90k miles. Those little buggers can cause the car to stall while driving.
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