Has anyone else had to replace the ECM ( engine control module) on their 2011 or older QX56

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I just replaced catalytic converters on my 2011 qx56 and now the dealership is telling me that the AD sensors are bad and the ECM has a shot in it and I need to replace the ECM the relay and the harness.  Is this common for these cars.  The grand total is 7500 dollars. 


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    Ok, we need more information.
    Why were the catalytic converters replaced?
    All of these things bad says to me, "shotgun repair".
    Meaning that if they throw enough parts at it, it's bound to fix it.

    What are the symptoms of the vehicle?

    Have you gotten a second opinion?
    Or are you gonna spend $7500 on a vehicle without getting a second opinion?

    Why, exactly are they going to replace the ECM, relay and harness?? Did it all burn up or get chewed up by mice?
    Cause that's the only reason I can see that they would need to replace all that.

    Is the harness bad, the relay bad or the ECM bad? Cause the likelihood that all are bad, while possible, is pretty slim.

    I could be wrong and all this stuff could possibly need to be replaced, but in all my years, when ever I see all these things needing replaced, it means someone is guessing.

    Here is my problem with this.
    You replaced the catalytic converters, at what ever price and that evidently didn't solve the problem.
    Now, they are saying that the problem is a list of things that make no sense.
    What are the fault codes they retrieved?
    What reasoning did they give you that they need to replace all this stuff?
    If they just said, because they need to be replaced, don't walk, run away from this shop.
    They should be able to tell you exactly why this stuff needs to be replaced and not some BS that you can't understand.

    Give us more info and we might be able to help narrow down possible solutions.
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    I am having the exact same situation right now. I replaced the cats, and had the timing chain recall done. After all of that it still says it has a random misfire. It runs ok until it warms up, then it starts sputtering. They said that we need to replace the ECM, and the wiring harness. They quoted me $5000. I already spent $5000 on the cats. They are charging me $1700 for this diagnosis. Any advise would be appreciated. Can I buy parts from a junkyard and put it in myself? Do I need the dealership to program the used ECM? The dealer is 4 hours away. Thanks, Tyson
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    First visit the iATN and see if there is a shop/technician near you that works with these. http://www.iatn.net/

    Have the problem diagnosed and get and post details on what exactly is happening and then we can go from there.
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    I have a 2012 and I have just replaced the catalytic converters and now the Service Engine Soon light has come back on.  They are saying the ECM and harness need replacing a total of 8,000.00.
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    Did anyone have any success with this repair? I am having the same issue with my 2012 QV56 - replaced Catalytic converters, torque converters, and getting the random misfire..being told I need to replace the ECM, Engine harness and relay
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    I am having the same issue with 2011 QX56. ECM and Wire harness needs to be replaced. $4,400 bill. Seems ridiculous. How often does this happen?
  • I am seriously thinking about writing my congress representative. 1) Timing Chain, 2) Catalytic Converters, 3) ECM, 4) Oxygen Sensor 5) Mass Air Flow Sensor
    And it is still struggles up hill.

    Since it is not the same problem it is not a lemon, but it is a rotten apple. Timing Chain and Cats covered by warranty but $4000 out of pocket.
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    I own a 2012 QX56, with 100,00 miles purchased new in Oct 2011. I had check engine light come on but not flashing manual states not serious when taken to dealership required ECM, 2 sub wire harnesses, 2 injector relays and the main engine F harness replacement to get the check engine light to go out and stay off. Do not believe this is not a serious issue waiting on recall or class action to cover the $8500 cost of the repair.
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    Has anyone found a work around or less expensive fix? My 2011 is at the dealer now, $8100 quote to fix. I'm the original owner, always regular maintenance...have replaced timing chain, both cats (1 outside of warranty!), and literally over 12 batteries in 11 years. Don't think I'll ever get another Infiniti.
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    The solution is something that can now be done but only outside of the dealer network. Technicians that have made the investment can now take a used module and clone it to your vehicle. This is done at the board level directly programming the memory chip(s) with the software/programming recovered from your module. The trick of course will be in trying to find a technician that has learned how to do this.
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