2002 Trailblazer reading 19 amps

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Just installed a new alternator, battery and belt. The battery gauge is reading reading 19 amps.
what could it be?


  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    19 volts or 19 amps. Big difference.
    19 amps means that it is putting 19 amps to the battery.
    19 volts means something is wrong and it's over charging.

    But you need to put a voltmeter on the battery and see what it actually is at.
    It could be that the gauge on the dash is incorrect.

    So put a known good voltmeter on the battery and see what you get.
    If it is reading between 12.5 and 14V, then your gauge is inaccurate.
    If it is reading 19V, then the connector on the back of the alternator didn't get pushed in all the way or the wire that supplies voltage to the alternator (some call it an exciter wire or signal wire), small red one may be broken or the fusible link may be gone.

    Or, the new alternator has failed

    Let us know..
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