Hard Down Shift Problems

equinoxdvrequinoxdvr Member Posts: 2
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Got a 2011 Chevy Equinox with 80k miles on it. Has been having serious issues with Hard Downshifts between 38-45mph. Went to a chevy dealer & paid $1400 to fix the issue only to hear that they only reset the computer but story quickly changed to them replacing valves etc

Issue was fixed until a month & half later. It downshifted hard again while I was on the highway nearly causing me to be in a severe crash. Brought the car in. Without looking at it, service dept said Transmission may have to be replaced.

After doing ALOT of research, this "hard downshifting" has been a popular problem with Chevy Equinox. I am really disappointed that GM has not made this a recall. Someone is going to get killed because of this common issue.

Does anyone have the same issue? Was it fixed? If so, how?
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