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transmission problems

karanviranikaranvirani Posts: 1
edited November 2017 in Hyundai
I am new to this forum and need advice on some problem I have been facing on my sonata embera auto transmission petrol, I have owned this car from start and 26k kms I had a problem of car down shifting , after a scan it was found that I needed to over haul the transmission. After a over haul and mounted it back, now I face a peculiar problem, My car does not start from ignition, I was told its neutral switch problem. now here lies my problem with the new inhibitor switch car starts from ignition but when I engage her on D she move a few meteres and shifts to neutral with the lever position of D, when I shift her to manual shift she drives fine, when I try to drive her with the old inhibitor switch she does not start from ignition but If i start her from the starter she drives fine with both auto and manual, A very strange issue. can anyone here please help
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