97 land rover disco delayed or rough start

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Hi, I JUST bought a 1997 alpine white discovery, the thing runs perfect, looks perfect inside and out but there is one seemingly major problem, when starting it, it cranks for about 4 seconds before it fires up. Sometimes I wonder if it will start. I changed the battery, changed the plugs, but after speaking to someone else, they told me it sounded like a fuel issue, theres also a smell of gasoline once it is started. Please could someone tell me what I need to do to fix this, I want to get on it ASAP.




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    You may want to try the "No Start" Problems discussion. Be sure to check out the main Land Rover Discovery/Discovery II discussion.

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    I have spent the better part of the early morning trying to find something remotely related to my problem, I did, but for other cars/trucks that arent :cry: land rovers. If you or anyone know anything, please help? Thank you
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    Have you had yours in to see if the fuel tank is cracked? There's an active recall for that. It does indeed sound like a fuel issue. Perhaps a weak fuel pump, partially obstructed filter, something like that.

    When it runs and you floor it, will it pull hard until you lift your foot? If so then it's probably not the pump or filter. Then look at the fuel rail in the vee of the engine, and the injectors... perhaps a leak there.

    See if you can have someone start it with the hood up and determine where the fuel smell is coming from.

    Good luck!
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    Hi - I have a 97 discovery. The service engine light came on, but rather than pay the dealer $100 to check it I bought a code reader. It shows p0430. This code indicates that the "catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank II)" I just replaced one sensor not long ago (for $900!!!)- do others need to be replaced, or is a whole new catalytic converter needed? Is there any danger in driving it? thanks, Carl
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    hi everyone,
    i have this 97 one, was running great until 2 days ago, when suddenly started go sideways. when i was over 2000 rpm, it's going to die , shaking and no power,
    i have changed the spark plugs and the high tension leads, but no results.
    Could be there a problem like plugged exhaust? Or converter?.
    Any help or suggestion?
    thanks in advance
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    I also have a 97 Land Rover Disc that gave me hesitation when starting. My solution was simple. When inserting the key, I turn the key to the second click (the position right before it engages the starter). It makes a noise(about two seconds wait time) and I then continue to turn the key and mine starts perfect now. Well, it starts with no hesitation or labor on the starter anyway:-) I hope you have the same luck!

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    I have a 98 Disco and my 02 sensors cause this problem all the time. I have driven it for the past year with this problem as like you said they are expensive to replace. Plus there is more than one, guy I bought it from states that there are at least 4 and he had to replace them 3 times!!! I have had no issue driving it with the engine light on so you might want to save your money and just do that.
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