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Does anyone have a tan leather interior? If so, how is the carpet holding up? We are looking at buying a 2006 White minivan with tan leather, but worry about the carpet. We are considering getting the all-season mats to protect the carpet. Thanks for any input.


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    Even the gray carpet in my Touring shows dirt. That color is much darker than the ivory in the one you're contemplating. I have the Honda rubber mats and they work very well - definitely worth the money. Suggest you Scothguard the carpet upon purchase and vacuum regularly.
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    Can anyone comment on the dirt-hiding capabilities of the Olive interior? Our current van has very dark brown carpets, which, while not especially beautiful, do hide a multitude of stains. We really like the ivory interior of the odyssey, but it is awfully light to survive the abuse my family gives a van. So we may consider the sagebrush/olive combination instead.
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    I can comment on it: there is NO dirt-hiding capability! I absolutely love the olive interior, but the carpet is light and won't hide dirt. I just traded in a car with dark grey interior though, and wanted a change so I didn't want grey again even though it did hide dirt pretty well.

    I've had my Ody w/ olive interior for 1 week and just went back yesterday to the dealership to buy the all-season mats. My driver mat was already getting dirty just from dirty snow melting and dripping off my shoes. The downside is they are only available in black and "taupe" which I think is for the ivory interior, so I bought the black. The upside is that the black actually doesn't look too bad since the steering wheel and dash are also black, it sort of ties in the color.

    I don't regret the olive interior one big though. Whenever I'm stopped at a red light I'm raising my sunglasses to look at the color of the passenger seat. It's very pretty and unique.
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    Thanks for your comments!

    I also don't care for a grey interior.

    Our current minivan has a dark chocolate brown interior which is very effectively hiding five+ years of dirt, soda spills, stuck-on melted candy, and who-knows what else. However, it's never been what I would call beautiful, just very practical, and with 3 kids, maybe practical is best for a few more years...
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    I agree that the olive interior is really nice and attractive. It was our #1 choice with Slate Green ext. I also think it's a little too light and dirt will show up really really easy, maybe more or so than the Ivory one. Ivory has that elegant looks to it though.

    With that, only if the dealer had NAV to go with the Slate Green, Olive and RES on the lot, it would sit in my drive way right now.

    We settled for the Sage Brush with Ivory, which is much nicer than Sage Brush with grey. Ivory gives the interior an airy feeling than the dark grey.
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    I also liked the olive leather interior best. However, we fell in love with the Ocean Mist Metallic exterior paint color and had to settle with grey leather. I definitely like the grey, but would have preffered the olive.
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    If you have already purchased your Odyssey with tan interior or still thinking of doing so then try putting the heavy duty plastic down. Shortly after I purchased mine I spent another $700 to have the seats custom fitted with cloth covers on all the seats and the entire floor covered with heavy duty plastic. The guy did a FANTASTIC (stitched and tucked very neat and tidy) job. I live in NY city.
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    "Suggest you Scothguard the carpet..."

    Great suggestion on the Scothguard. We just bought the Ody on Sat (8/5/06), and have taken one short trip the following day. Its still "clean". Best time to do this is immediately.

    As for the floor mats and other such accessories, I would suggest to this community to look at Auto Parts stores, WalMart, and the like, for mats. The dealership charges are too excessive, IMO.

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    I've got an '06 EX-L, silver with gray interior, and my wife will tell me that either I take the van into the dealer for a wash and vac, or I had better get to know where Hoover's are sold.

    I go to the dealer, and don't care where Hoover's are sold.......
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    We have the same vehicle. Go to Lowes/Home Depot and purchase some carpet runner. Ours is charcoal grey and has rubber backing. Cut it out using the factory mats as a pattern. We use it over the factory mats, which stay like new. Spring clips can be used to keep it from shifting. This looks better than rubber mats and is inexpensive.
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    The inside of the EX-L is very luxurious looking and feeling and we are purchasing one tomorrow morning but I'm not sure of the colors. The dealer has only two EX-L with NAV and RES so my choices are Slate Green Metallic w/Gray interior and White w/ivory interior. I swore off white cars but the white and ivory popped out as very classy looking but I am afraid that in two days of four kids in it, classy is not what it will look like. We are going tomorrow to purchase it. The slate and gray are beautiful too but for some reason the tan inside pops out but concerns me in terms of practicality. Any words of experience or feedback to help me decide would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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    We went to the dealer and they had sold out of our first choice, Sage, so we ended up going with a secondary choice which was Slate Green Metallic. It didn't really stand out on the lot amongst all the other colors, but since we have been driving it over the last couple weeks it has really grown on us. So much so that my wife says she prefers it to the Sage. We also have the gray leather.

    One other thing is with kids it seems the dark gray carpet might be a little easier to keep clean than the tan.

    Hope this helps, either combo is nice.
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    It does help, a lot. Thanks so much.
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    I have an EXL res black w/tan and the white was my second choice. I love my tan interior. We also had ours scotch guarded. I have 3 kids and I know what you're going through! Good Luck!
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    VERY attractive color. My wife and I like Taffeta White also but do not like the lighter colored interior. That makes it very easy to settle on Ocean Mist Metallic with grey cloth interior that seems to have a bluish tint with the Ocean Mist Metallic exterior.
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    In my 2002 I installed a sheet of plastic (clear, with small spikes in the bottom) that I cut to fit the floormats and placed them on top. They've been rather effective at keeping the dirt out (any loose debris just vacuums up easily)

    I think I picked it up at Lowe's for around $20 or so total. It's hard to remember because it feels like it was so long ago. :)
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    We are thinking of purchasing a Black 2007 EX-L RES. Several people have warned us the AC will not keep up with a black Odyssey. We have also heard dirt and scratches are far more visible. We would appreciate any comments, positive or negative; from people who have a black Odyssey. Thanks in advance!
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    All those negatives you have mentioned are true.
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    Yep! Funny thing with black. It looks fabulous when it is all washed and waxed and looks awful as soon as it gets any dirt.

    Now I am of the old make it easy on me school. Many will not like this one. Silver van with a grey interior. It never looks utterly magnificent, but you could haul cattle through the mud in it and it still wouldn't look so bad.

    I have four kids - it's a similar situation to the one described above.
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    I agree that Silver tends to hide dirt well. Beige is OK also, but silver does a better job, IMO.

    The absolute worst case scenario would be to have a black car with a black leather interior. On a hot summer day, you probably could cook on those leather seats :)
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    Well the solution to not "cooking on those leather seats" would be not to put leather in them. I recently changed my car's cloth interior for something called "Plush Vinyl" from It doesn't get nearly as hot as leather does, and cools down rapidly.
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    I would still stay away from black on black. It just not a good combination to have on a vehicle especially in California or Arizona or any hot weather climate region.
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    I actually live in Florida, and the plush vinyl black cools down within a minute at the most. It's an amazing material, and is so much easier to upkeep than leather, I'm seeing.
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    Just purchased a 2007 ex-l-res with ivory interior, also bought weathguard mats.
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    My wife are trying to decide between Silver/Gray and Silver/Black. The black interior looks great, but we have some concerns about heat, durability, and showing dirt.
    Can anyone with experience with the black leather interior offer advice? We live in the western Virginia hills.
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    I should emphasize, experience with the combination of a black interior and a lighter colored exterior, such as silver. We're not brave enough for the black/black combination. Thanks.
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    I'd go silver/gray. Black gets HOT. I have black leatherette in my VW and it's the worst decision I've ever made wrt interior colors.
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    We really like how this looks. anyone have it and love it or hate it?
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