Dakota Quad Dealers, How Much Do They Know?

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    Most of the people that post on this forum on Dodge Dakota Quad Cab topics, know considerably more than the dealers with whom they must rely. The other people on the forum are seeking knowledge so that they can defend themselves against the incredible lack of product knowledge displayed within many dealerships. There is of course the usual disinterest to fuel the aforementioned. I won't repeat my sad tale, because it is now common knowledge, but the entire fiasco can be directly attributed to following a formula for losers. The ingredients are: Disinterest, Laziness, Lack of proper Training, and an inherent character flaw that drives some people; The desire to steal a nickel rather than to earn a dollar. Sound bitter? Good! What are your experiences in regard to the above topic. My apologies to the few car dealer sales people who do not conform to the mold cast here. That goes out to both of you.

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    what is going on at a dealers.

    1) They want to turn around cars fast
    2) They sell multiple models
    3) 95% of car buyers consider can I get mauve interior with fuschia exterior as the key question
    4) If salesmen knew what a rear end was they wouldn't be salesmen
    5) Spending 15-20 hours per client, research, communicating, chasing etc. earns them no more commission than getting a signature and ignoring them from then on

    I know I am cynical, but (with exceptions) car salesmen are in a low technical skill discipline - the concentration is on 'people' skills and 'marketing' skills. This is for very good reasons (at least as far as the dealers are concerned) and that is that people like us are the exception. If it were different there would be a lot fewer car / truck commercials on TV.
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    Andy, I was looking for emotion, not your usual intelligent pragmatic response. I'm trying to get the troops churned into action, but once again, you're probably 100% correct.

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    Have a look at the Tacoma Limited Slip Differential topic - yeah, I know its a weird one for me, but watch that space - it may get "emotional"

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    my black SLT 4x4 Quad Cab came within 5 weeks of
    ordering. I was shocked to say the least.
    Actually, I didn't want it to come in for another
    month or so...oh well, better early than late. I
    guess the trip to the assembly plant worked a
    little too well. In fact, I never even got a VIN
    number on the truck. Never even called customer
    service. The dealer said there were 3 trucks like
    mine ordered before I ordered mine and mine came in first (Shelby Motors - Champaign, IL). I guess if your desperate enough and have the $ to travel, go talk to the scheduler at the assembly plant in Detroit. My story is not all peachy though. I'm out or town on a work trip for the next two weeks and won't get to drive it. If your really desperate and customer service/dealer isn't helping, I may be willing to give the name of the scheduler to you. Email me with your predicament and maybe I can help. I totally agree that the dealer doesn't have a clue and could care less. Every time I walked in the dealership the salesmen were just standing around with their thumb up their a_s. But every time they would jump at the chance to sell me a auto until they found out I had already ordered one. Then I was ignored until I found my salesman. I sure wish dealerships would just go away, but who knows when and if that will ever happen.
    I'll keep you posted on how the truck turns out.
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    Cancelled my QC order yesterday morning. Got a call back from the salesman that afternoon asking me to leave a message for the GM of dealership. "He may be able to use this for leverage with the Dodge district manager. Maybe they'll do something when they hear people are cancelling orders." So I left the message -asked for my deposit refund and everything.

    Called DC customer service (force of habit?) this afternoon - and my order still isn't cancelled.

    You think they're hoping I reconsider (fat chance) or do they want the truck for dealer stock (slim chance - fully optioned - literally everything but the steering wheel audio controls)? I'll keep you posted.
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    Got out to the field today and andy_jordan e:mailed me something about a car club or something here at Edmunds (I can read e:mail in the field, but not Edmunds or graphics based stuff). Got back in tonight and found I'd been drafted to be a co-host or something. Well, YOUR issue is really more important to most of us than that so could you do me a favor? Could (would) you post or e:mail me a list of options & color choices you made for your 'aborted' Quad? As specific as you can.

    And anyone else who's been waiting in frustration (if you've got time or patience hold off for now) for a Quad for 2 months or better - could you do the same thing I'm asking balser to do? I'll get around to club cabs later, right now I really want to know as much as possible about each of your truck orders as possible. Every detail - including vin's or any order tracking, status levels, etc. that you can send me. I have an idea - Shhhh... ;->
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    I have e-mailed my truck info to you hoping you can help. My order was placed 11-22-99. I have never been told that there is an allocation problem, always a rest. for one reason or another. I don't know if DC would tell you if it is an allocation problem.
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    (themacguy) I have been waiting more than two months and I can provide the info you requested but I do not think my situation is what you are looking for. I ordered my QC on 1/17, build on 2/24 and left the factory, set in a Quality Assurance hold until 3/20 (to long, other truck being shipped and received), put on a train 3/20 scheduled to arrive in Benica Calif on 3/27. On 3/25 the ETA was changed to 4/1 then the railroad car was taken of the train and is now sitting in Oroville CA. (appox 125 miles from Benica) and is now in something called Constructive Placement with no estimated release date. Constructive Placement in railroad jargon basically says "due to the inability of consignor or consignee a car cannot be placed for loading or unloading it is placed elsewhere and is subject to dumurrage rules and charges. So my truck is close but no cigar. Anyhow sorry for the long post but let me know if you still need more specifics to provide ammunition that can maybe allow you to help other people. By the way I think you and a_j are a good choice, congratulations or condolences which ever it may be.
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    Well, I guess that depends on you guys :-)

    I haven't specifically spoken to themacguy about this issue, but I think we probably have similar sentiments - as do most other people here.

    As individuals there is a limit to what we can do, but as a group we have a lot more clout - especially with the Edmunds name as backing. We should be able to get to a position where corporate DC has to sit up and take notice, not just helpful individuals like Ernie.

    Right now the big issue is delays on Quad cabs, later it will be something else - as this topic indicates, knowledge of dealers perhaps.

    Anyway, I hope that we can collectively have a voice as a result of this initiative. Hopefully we can make the Dakota 'club' the talk of Edmunds, nay DC, nay the world (oops sorry, got carried away there)!

    Incidentally I have contacted Edmunds and asked bonnie rick to set-up the club - I am now waiting to hear what happens next.
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    balser - is there anything we can do to make you change your mind???
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    I sent my info to you this morning. Hopefully you received it. I'm still interested in getting the QC, but can't wait too much longer. My '95 Suburban is reaching critical mass - I either sell it now or put several hundred into it for routine maintenance (brakes, tires, tune-up, etc). If I put money into it, I'm keeping it for a while longer.

    Thanks again to everyone for all your help!
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    Saw a just delivered Quad in my neighborhood in the color combination I ordered! Boy, did that set me off. No way to know if it was a 4.7l or not, but from the timing of the last build and the delivery date, my guess is that it is. There are now three Quads in the neighborhood, one was bought off the lot when they first came out in October, the other two delivered within the last week (temporary tags). All have been delivered by the dealer I shopped first but who was $900 higher than the deal I got. So much for being first on the block with the latest and greatest toy.

    Yes, I'm still interested, but not much, and my enthusiasm is waning fast.
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    Yes its true the original order was cancelled after a dealer called and said he had just about what I ordered. This is a intense blue pearl coat 4.7 4x4 sport. To date I have driven this rod for 30 days and now have just over 3000 miles. Had custom cat back duels installed, K&N filter, Mobil 1 synthetic, and the leer XQ cap installed.This truck runs like no other truck on the road. Wish I had the limited slip to stop the wheels from smoking. It sounds much like a race car and rides like a caddy. Next hope to install ram air hood and who knows whats next?
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    well i let the bride drive the truck today for the first time!!!!she loved it but i'm sure it will not replace her saab 900....
    the only drawback to the new cd p[layer has been that i have to let the kid listen to the new Nsync album on it...sounds like white rap music...
    first tank gas milage will prob be about 15-16 mpg.
    all for now,
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    Mind you, I can't get over the looks I get from people when driving through town with the windows down and the music up. People seem to have a hard time with Wagner blasting out of the truck or Black Sabbath doing their stuff from the XJ-S. Don't know why.
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    Read about your attempts to 'backdoor' some of the older orders in another forum. Just an FYI - I did cancel. Feel free to use the order for ammo, but I'm not taking delivery. Thanks anyway for your help.
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    Sorry to hear that you cancelled,but you must do what feels right for you. My patience is running thin, but I made that decision when I refused the truck with the 3.92. Hope I get it soon. It is not actually a hardship for me, as I am not without a mount. I am turning over the Expedition company lease to my replacement, but will bring home my wife's Wrangler from the shore. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

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    with Chrysler. My current problem is that I got a very limited response form these Topics. BUT, I'll work with what I've got, play spin doctor (it works for bubba) and just let them know it's just a sampling of the many order complaints to date (which it is).

    More important is the fact that you've cancelled the order - our sincere hope here is that you've not 'cancelled the Quad,' but that you're looking for one that fits your needs. My interest in this is simple: So D/C can't keep up with orders - it's a superior product at a good price. So? Just go get one you can live with. I did. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You will be absolutely amazed at what you can live with and be proud of every time you pass the alternatives - I've added everything (and more) than I can ever outgrow in this truck anyway; just from the difference in price in the loaded order that I (yes, I!) cancelled late last year. If you like the Quad, and want a Quad, to HECK with the wait - GO GET ONE. I promise you that you won't regret it. If you can't find one you want we'll look. Oops, forgot - I already am! ;-)
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    The PICKUPS Conference has gotten WAY too big....

    it is unwieldy to manage, and difficult to use for "newbies". There is entirely TOO much topic duplication, so I will be doing some SERIOUS topic consolidation in the next few weeks, getting us down to not more than 2-3 topics per vehicle type, and ultimately down to 200 topics or less.

    THIS weeks consolidation candidates are: F-150's, Silverado's, Dakota's, and Dakota Crew/Quad cabs.

    In that vein, please consolidate this Dakota Crew/Quad Cab topic to Dodge Dakota Crew Cab - II and continue these discussions there.


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