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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners, Introduce your car!

silverbullet04silverbullet04 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Finally glad we have an MC Club here.

Im a member of 2KMC/MyMonte/ClubGP/JSCGP/FTV6.
CarSpace is a cool .web site :)
I have a 2004 Monte Carlo SS....
-Flowmaster Exhaust System w/tips
-SLP Upper Grill-(not yet installed)SLP Lower Grill
-MDM Trunk Mat-MDM Headwrest wraps
-PFYC door sill covers-GM Rainguards
-Casper Valve Cover Breather
-Sylvania Silverstars(low/fog/corner)



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    bangbgbangbg Member Posts: 3
    2006 3LT Wht/Grey
    stock for now
    Intake or Gutted airbox coming soon.
    Leather interior coming today



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    redmontelsredmontels Member Posts: 1
    2003 Monte Carlo LS
    Stock for now

    Future Mods:
    Extra Monte Carlo Emblem (not the Knights Crest) on sides
    SS Rims (which are coming soon)
    Tinted Windows
    possible SS trim
    Ram Air Hood

    imageSee more Car Pictures at CarSpace.com
    imageSee more Car Pictures at CarSpace.com
    imageSee more Car Pictures at CarSpace.com
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    crewcab4x4crewcab4x4 Member Posts: 4
    Black on Black leather, every option available for 2003. Quite possibly the nicest car I have ever owned. Only one that can come close was my 1990 Oldsmobile Trofeo`.

    The Monte has 60k plus on it, and it still gets 20+ mpg, and will smoke the front tires with the traction control turned off. A very nice car, I wish I had looked at them sooner.
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    cmhrncmhrn Member Posts: 2
    October '01. I buy a brand new Monte. For the first 2 months, I made 7 trips to the dealership to fix my seat. When I test drove it, the outside seam on the driver seat was ripped. That should have been my first warning. Was promised a new seat.....still waiting. I did get my seat fixed after 7 trips to the dealer. Then my Onstar antennae fell off. Then I was stranded on the side of the expressway because my gas needle was broken. Then my driver side window would not roll down. Then it took 3 months to get the transmission fixed because it registered "Normal Functioning" on the computer. Then my passenger window would not roll down. All this was while the car was still under warranty. Thank God. Even under warranty, it cost me over $2000 out of my pocket trying this and that. Now sometimes my fog lights work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes my turning signals work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes my windows roll down, sometimes they don't. The windows and turn signals depend on how hard I shut the trunk. This is the truth! My Onstar antennae has fallen off, again. My seat is loose, my gear shift is loose, the cover to the Onstar unit in the trunk fell off. Oh--I forgot to tell you that my driver seat warmer malfunctioned and burned a spot in the leather. The dealer would not fix it until it completely stopped working. (This was also under warranty). I drove around for a whole winter unable to use my seat warmer. The following fall it stopped working all together, thank goodness. That's when I got it fixed (they did not fix the leather). Back to the stuff that broke a second time, the cover over the lever that folds the front seat up keeps falling off, the passenger air bag light stays on all the time making me paranoid that it will deploy any minute. The inside is made of cheap materials, the leather around the ignition is warped, the console is loose, blah, blah, blah. Believe it or not, I could continue. I want to drive an American made car. More than that, I want to be proud to drive an American made car. I am not. I am now trading Monte in on a foreign made car. Which is what I had before.
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    snowandtorquesnowandtorque Member Posts: 4
    It use to own an 02 SS black on black with an SLP exhaust, and K&N air intake. I loved that thing, but due to kids we needed to get an SUV (we have a Mastiff we bring everywhere with us, so two kids, us, and Brutus would have been cramped in our Monte) And our second car was an SS Camaro LS1. Now we own a Yukon and Suburban and think back on all of our cars (Lincoln LS V8, 2000 SS Camaro, Monte, and others) The car we miss is our Monte. So we are buying a 06 or 07 SS V8 Monte in the next month as a third car. The only thing we didn't like about our 02 was lack of enough power....well for us at least. So with the new 303 HP V8 we are excited. We test drove one the other day and fell for it harder than we thought. It was a choice between a 06 GTO 02 Anniversary Edition SS Camaro, or the new V8 SS Monte. We chose the Monte...it just fits us best....nice sporty powerful car, but we can still breath and move in it with the 4 of us. 303 HP is noce but we are forgoing a sooped up Camaro with over 375 HP, and a 400 HP GTO for it. Anyone have any luck with squeezing out more HP out of the new V8? I know the K&N did a nice job on our 02....and so did the exhaust, but I know results varry from one car to the next. Any suggestions for more power? Thanks guys....I will post pick as soon as we get it
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    snowandtorquesnowandtorque Member Posts: 4
    go to a different dealership...or is the warranty secluded to that dealership. Because chevy is usually really good on their warranties. I know one dealership we would bring our suburban to never fixed anything, but another across town didn't ask questions. If your warranty is secluded to that dealer bring in all your records, walk into the managers office and just say the word lemon law. I love my chevys....but every maker has a "glitch" car....it is a car....things go wrong...some just for some reason or another have more. I know we wrecked our 02 Monte 4 times...never our fault but all times were almost totaled....and even after all that it NEVER gave us problems. Seriously....you just have to make a huge deal about it and look like and [non-permissible content removed].....but it will et done. I work for a dealership and have seen it all the time, and no one gets anything unless they really make a scene. Now I work at a Nissan dealership (yeah, sell Nissans drive Chevys) and their customer service and satisfaction blows any other car company away. Next time you get a car, get a Nissan if you want to be sure you won't get the "run around" ....hell.....most Nissans are made in TENN anyways, so they are more american than most of our beloved Canadian made Chevys...haha
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    toegar2000toegar2000 Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my 2001 MONTE CARLO SS from the factory and it arrived on Aug. 23, 2000. This has been the best car that I have had and I have had some nice cars. It handles great and the car's battery just died last week. It was over 8 years old. It currently has 47,243 miles on it and it has not seen a NEW YORK winter. I put it in a shed for the winter months up here. I got a new set of Goodyear tires a few years ago and this spring put some chrome rims and a Borla 440 stainless steel exhaust system on it. :)http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.editAlbumPhoto&albumID- - =153754&imageID=4795365&MyToken=8d6f6221-1648-4d72-abc2-7c7d2fe745ca

    http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=35237969- 5&albumID=0&imageID=8589568
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    hoppy11hoppy11 Member Posts: 2
    At auction I bought a 1977 Monte Carlo w/7 miles on the odometer.I know what
    you're thinking,but it is legit.The car was at a dealer that closed,driven to storage.
    Sticker is still in the window.The only flaws are a few paint bubbles I intend to
    have fixed & repainted by a Pro.It will once again be in show room condition.The
    drivers side door trim has separated & needs replaced.Anyone know where I can
    find 1 ? It has a Landau top.Thank you for any help you can give.
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