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Lots of problems less than 10k miles on a 2016 Canyon diesel, any ideas?

gonz_fl_gmcgonz_fl_gmc Member Posts: 2
edited November 2017 in GMC
At 1110 miles, AC pressure sensor shorted, replaced, at 8k miles NOX sensor bad, replaced, at 8200 miles pedal sensor replaced, at 9100 miles CEL light off and on with limited speed almost impossible to drive and eventually CEL stayed on with limited speed. So far dealership replaced pedal sensor, pedal harness, ECM and three weeks later and still trying to find the problem. Any ideas? I tried looking online but I didn't find anything but then again this the first generation of Canyon Diesels after many years I think.


  • gonz_fl_gmcgonz_fl_gmc Member Posts: 2
    Maybe this will help somebody else with similar issues, got the truck back after a month and change and after mechanics kept replacing wiring and ECM and harnesses, etc. they found circuit 1161 and circuit 1271 installed the wrong way from factory, not sure what those are for but most likely it was screwing everything over probably from the beginning, looks like GM knows about it now but wouldn't hurt to mention it to the mechanics if it's something easy to check before tearing it all up.
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