Nissan Armada 2017 Platinum Prices, Good deal or not

sj2000sj2000 Member Posts: 9
edited November 2017 in Nissan
When I searched, I found several dealership with the price ranges from $44000 - $46000, it says there with dealer discount and also Nissan discount and rebates. Are these normally with Nissan Financing, how this usually works, one example is


  • pdxcascadepdxcascade Member Posts: 17
    Seeing 2017 platinums being discounted 12-13K in Florida. Then you have to give back 800-1000 in BS dealer fees down here so a bit of a shell game, but that's Florida.

    MSRP: 60,560
    Pricing: 47,600
    + Dealer fees, reg and sales tax

    Anyone seeing anything better?
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