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Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission Problems



  • Has anyone had any problems with their honda civic hybrid reversing while its in drive?
  • Did you trade your car in or has this solution worked for you over the last two months. If so, do you have any idea why it works?
  • I have recently sold the car and the transmission was performing like new when I sold it. These Transmission work like motorcycle clutches & this is like an old trick I used to use when racing competition Dirt Bikes.. believe me, it works well, and will stop the juddering if you follow my instructions, a service guy at a Honda dealer explained to me how to do this and how it works and I performed it myself no problem but, the fluids cost me 95 bucks.....
  • :mad:
    After putting in a new transmission on my 2005 Civic Hybrid, which I had to pay almost 400 dollars for, the new transmission was juddering within the week they put it in.

    Why are other cars with CVTs not doing this? It leads me to believe that this is an issue with just Honda CVTs. Has anyone who has had their transmission replaced asked specifically what was wrong with the first one? I am working on finding out what was wrong with mine. I will post again soon.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Make sure that enough transission fluid was put into the trensmission. After you drive a new or rebuilt transmission sometimes the level goes down. Have a mechanic you trust check it. After my 2002 Odyssey tranny was rebuilt, the technicians that rebuilt it checked it for me after two weeks. I did not use the Honda dealership service because, frankly, they really suck around my neck of the woods.
  • Just wanted to update. Had lots of problems with my 2004 HCH within the recent years. Hybrid Battery changed already. Starter Clutch changed last year after multiple attempts to Burnish and re-Burnish.

    Now, my HCH sounded as if there's a helicopter prop under the hood. Brought it in to the dealership. "Internal Transmission Failure" is what I'm told with a price tag of $3632 and some change. AND I was told that it was "in no way connected to the other transmission issues that [my] car has suffered before."

    Lovely isn't it.
  • Any word on a class action suit? This is RIDICULOUS.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    did you ask them to prove their tranny claim specifically? In writing..? I would.
  • You say your had your battery replaced? I have a 2003 HCH that has been out of commission for about a year cause the battery wont charge up and no one knows exactly what part of the battery has an issue and Honda wont do anything about it. What were your cars "symptoms" and where did you get a new battery?

    I'm 21 years old and spent basically my entire bank account on the car and had it for about 9 months :(

  • stan29stan29 Posts: 13
    Ironically there is a class action lawsuit of which all early HCH owners are members of the class. It pertains to supposedly false EPA MPG claims made by Honda in their advertising or stickers . I say ironically because MPG is the only thing on this car that has worked correctly. We routinely get 45-50 mpg and it gets better as the car gets older. Dont know why, but I'm not complaining. I'm on my third transmission (Honda paid to replace 2; one at 62000 miles and one at 97000 miles, just before my 100000 mile warranty ran out. Now at 130K we are going to need another transmission as the car lurches at low speeds especially in parking lots. That may be what people refer to as Judder. I dont know but it feels like the beginning of the end. By the way on the class action suit., the proposed payout is a coupon which will allow you to purchase another Honda at a discount. ANY TAKERS ????? It will be a cold day in .....
  • Do you know where I can find more info about this lawsuit and more importantly this "payout coupon"? I have a 2003 HCH that doesnt work and hasnt for a while. I spent basically my life savings on it and it lasted me 9 months and I have been without a car for 16 months :(

    Any help would be great!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    knowing the dealerships, you probably have your original trannyt they changed the fluid...and replaced the clutch..and charged you for a "new" tranny....!!
  • Well, my new transmission was juddering right away as I posted earlier. My husband and I are in the process of dealing with the dealership... And I will tell the story when it comes to a close.

    Yet, even though I have realized we are not supposed to post about class action suits on this site, I don't see any other way to gather enough information to give to a lawyer so that he/she will be able to proceed or not.

    What I have been told by one attorney is that there has to be a certain defect in all the transmissions of a certain year or "batch". I will continue checking but I think that it is worth it for others to be doing some calling to. Also finding out what is specifically the problem will help tremendously.

    This is ridiculous and Honda needs to step up to the plate.
  • I got stuck in the snow and shortly after getting out of it after considerable digging sand and spinning the transmission just stopped while driving down the road. I was quoted by the dealer for a first price $6600 for a factory rebuilt transmission and then got them down to 4500 for mine being rebuilt locally. This seems outrageously high but i said to go ahead. I have an HCH 2007. It was "used" after being leased for 6-months. I was sold a "5-star certified wrap" extended warranty in addition to a certified pre-owed Honda warranty. I am told my problem was caused by user error so none of this applies. I have not tried insurance. I am also really frustrated because no one impressed upon me how bad it is to rock to get free of snow. I did it some last year too and the dealer said nothing about any wear it did to my car. The car has lots of indicators and they said nothing. Does it say no rocking in the drivers manual for a 2007 HCH ? Please look if you can because mine is in my car! Am i a complete moron? Is it just common sense? I guess i have been dazed by all the fancy indicator lights and was looking for some kind of warning.I want a transmission temp indicator or SOME kind of blunt warring before serious damage is done!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    welcome to the wonderful world of Honda. Where factory mistakes are leveraged by dealerships to shake down the owners of Honda vehicles. Honda corporate plays along. I don't care if they make a vehicle that gets 1000mpg or mpc (miles per charge)
    I will never buy another Honda.
  • You have been taken to the cleaners my friend. I paid 800 for my new transmission. 2003 honda civic hybrid. Why is yours so expensive? Why I should have EVER had to pay even 800 dollars is a complete joke after only a year of driving my "honda certified" car. This morning I went to start it and the battery was dead. No lights on, nothing, just dead. Yet I get automated phone calls, "YOUR HONDA DEALERSHIP IS HAVING A BARBEQUE WEEKEND" etc. What a joke. These people/dealerships (If you can call them people) are ripping us off left and right, and sitting in the back rooms fat and rich off our money, smoking their stogies and laughing at the fact that we haven't banded together and sought a class action suit.
  • I am sorry for your car problems. However, maybe you will think twice next time about spending your "entire bank account" on a car. You need to have money saved for repairs, maintenance, etc. so don't buy more car than you need. Cars are a waste of money so don't waste more than you have to. ;)
  • I just found this site and now realize that our (my wife & I) assumpsions were correct, this car is a lemon!!

    We bought our '03 Civic Hybird with 5 speed manuel trannsmission from our local honda dealership (pacific honda here in San Diego, CA), it was used (1 owner) and had 67k miles on it. Luckly we purchased honda care and an extended warranty which covered the following items.

    -Replace clutch Master Cylinder & bleed system @ 68,893 miles
    -IMA software update
    -Replace IMA Battery @82,556 miles
    -Replace Catylic Converter
    -Replace internal fan @ 92,626 miles

    The car has always been real "jerky" to drive, especially in 1st and 2nd gear at lower speeds. I always figured it was from the electric torque of the hybird engine.
    We have had numerious people comment on how rough it drives, mainly in stop in go. So my question is this: Is the hybird manuel transmission a CVT transmission as well? Is it plagued with the same problems as the auto version? Are both the automatics & manuels covered in this recall? We have not experienced anything as severe as some of the others that have posted, and have never had the tranny replaced or rebuilt, just a rough ride thru the gears.
    We now have 109,xxx miles on it and the "maintence light" came on a few weeks ago, we are headed to the stealership in the morning to have it looked at.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    The catalytic converter replacement was part of a recall around 2007. You should not have been charged for it's replacement. The "check engine light" indicates ( and I am guessing) that your O2/oxygen sensors need to be replaced. This should have been done with the catalytic converter replacement. I am also stuck with an '03 HCH (auto trans). I hardly drive it anymore because of its many defects. I bought a used 92 Corolla very cheaply and use that now. The Civic Hybrid sits around until I pay it off..then I'm getting rid of it. Honda manufactures defective vehicles and these defects are leveraged by the dealerships into expensive and often incomplete repairs to keep you coming back.Honda is living off its past reputation. Even if they make a vehicle that gets 1000mpg, I will NEVER buy another Honda again. They don't care about their customers. I am not an auto technician. :lemon: :lemon:
  • andy_byandy_by Posts: 4
    I live in Europe, the country Belarus, the city of Minsk
    I have bought the car in the USA - 2003 Civic Hybrid, 100k mil.
    Now I have a problem with transmission - it not work! :sick:
    There was it at cold weather - a minus of 23 degrees
    I thought that at me one problem, but also at you too they are...
    In the near future transmission repair will be made.
    The car is good in one - it the economic car.
  • hawks3hawks3 Posts: 9
    It seems that this is a problem worldwide... The transmissions on these cars are simply no good. I have a new transmission in my 2005 HCH as of December. I ended up paying about $400 for it after we really got upset with the dealership (they wanted us to pick up almost the whole cost). While so far it has been okay, I think that Honda has given many of us lemons. I am still doing some research on legal action.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    you know they hammer Toyota when in reality they ought to take a very close look at the way Honda knowingly sells defective vehicles. I sincerely hope that Honda gets their turn because I'll be there with plenty of evidence should they need. My Belarus comrade..get rid of the car..there are many other cars that can give you the same
    economy especially in the Euro zone. Honda is living off of past glory.
  • stan29stan29 Posts: 13
    Hi- had to replace my transmission for 2003hch at 62000 miles and again at 97000. You should contact Honda Europe and insist they replace your transmission even if you have to pay the labor and they supply the parts. Then get rid of the car. At 167000 miles I need a fourth transmission soon. Trying to nurse it along until a new electric/hybrid comes along such as the Chevy Volt late in 2010. There should be a number of new entries this next model year. Don't forget to purchase a 0 deductible 100000 mile warranty if available. You won't regret having it the way things are made today by any of the manufacturers.
  • andy_byandy_by Posts: 4
    To sell the faulty car it is impossible.
    Transmission will be subjected dismantling and repair.
    I will inform you on a course of works, for some people it will be useful.
    I will tell fairly - never thought, that Honda makes such disgusting product :lemon:
  • kchybridkchybrid Posts: 18
    Honda Civic Hybrid owners click the link {or paste in your browser} and review the document from Honda dated July 21, 2005 ampaigns/2005/F-Campaigns/FRCL-05F063-4277.PDF
    Then start asking why? Why did Japan's government require a recall, but "Uncle Sam" does not? What else do they know and when did they know it? :lemon:
    This document can be found at The NHTSA website under "Foreign Campaigns".
    Document number is FCRL-05F063-4277.
  • hawks3hawks3 Posts: 9
    This seems like some pretty solid evidence that these Hondas transmissions are failing and the company is aware of the problem (and is choosing to ignore it in the Us anyway). Great job finding this letter. Let's hope that more people continue to find information like this!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    They are hammering Toyota, but the reality is that Honda has been knowingly selling defective vehicles here in the USA for decades. These defects are leveraged by the dealerships into big bucks. They are all aware of it. I can't wait for Honda to be called to the carpet. There is plenty of evidence to make this happen. I for one will NEVER buy another Honda vehicle ever. They are living in the past.
  • gregcookgregcook Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    Purchased in 2002 and driven in Canada only by me since, with maintenance and numerous repairs; I appreciate the effort by Honda and other car makers to address the technology as gas supplies will runout eventually, but more must be done to improve quality! The car is on its 2nd transmission and has had many component failures over its life. The IMA is gone and the computer and sensors cannot control properly, but it is still quite driveable (with low horsepower); the 'mild' hybrid design probably was a good decision by Honda. For the environment considerations and our future, I would recommend the car, but for the quality and reliabilty and lifecycle cost, I would not. Has anyone driven their vehicle this much? What is your experience to date?
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    My experience to date is that purchasing the '03 HCH was a HUGE mistake. As a sales rep, I have driven many vehicles and put substantial mileage on all of them (including an '85 Civic). The minute I had my first transmission failure ( and it was under warranty), and the way the dealership tried to trick me into a new IMA battery (by doing a partial transmission repair) I hardly use it anymore. I purchased a used vehicle cheaply ('92 corolla) and use that (it runs great). Mind you, I am still paying off the loan for the "03 HCH. But, it's going to be someone else's headache. Putting a motorcycle transmission (the CVT)in the HCH is a total failure. It does not work, and Honda knows it..!! In Japan they had a recall, in the USA nothing was done. As :lemon: you can imagine, I will NEVER purchase anything made by Honda ever again. They are living off of past glories.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    I drove mine to 103,000 miles before I sold it. I had not had any transmission or battery problems up to that point except for the ima light coming on a couple times. It was a good car for me, I don't know how good that car would be for the next 100,000 miles so I sold it and I'm getting a fit. I hope to put 200,000 miles on that with much less worry than the HCH.
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