High pitch whistle either standing still or while moving, but not related to breaking

davidgreenbergdavidgreenberg Member Posts: 1
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I just purchased a brand new 2017 Honda CRV 2.4L LX.

I intermittently hear a low volume, but high-pitched whistle with the engine running but while either standing still or moving and NOT to any breaking. It can drive yah nuts!

I called the service department of the dealership where I bought the car and asked them if they ever heard of this or if it's something I should worry about. The fellow told me he "thinks" it may be related to the power steering pump, but would be totally normal. I asked if that's a noise that would go away and he said he didn't "think so." Asked if it's something I should worry about (beyond being driven nuts) and he said no, but that the next time I brought the car in for an oil change they'd take a look at it.

Anybody have a clue what this is? I don't believe for a second that this is a normal sound because the reviews on the vehicle would kill them if it was normal.

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