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Mitsubishi Eclipse Accessories and Modifications

unsandpiperunsandpiper Member Posts: 1
I'm looking for an auto windshield shades for the front window of my car - and I don't want one of those awful cardboard ones!!!! A coworker recommended the Eclipse Sunshade (he said he got his at www.eclipsesunshades.net - has anyone ordered from them?). It looks like it attaches to the windshield. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it any good? How easy is it to use? Is it durable? I'm nervous about ordering one online until I know a little more about it.


  • macsrbettermacsrbetter Member Posts: 1
    I have an Eclipse Sunshade on all my cars, they are absolutely wonderful. Very easy to install and use, very durable (my oldest one is 8 years old), and when retracted you hardly know they are there. The metallic fabric is still in very good shape after 8 years and the velcro tabs are still "grippy". IMHO, they look so much better (when extended) than any of the fold-out, accordion style, or spring-loaded sunshades. Go ahead and get one, you will love it!

    Hope this helps,
  • amy_tanuamy_tanu Member Posts: 4
    Is there anyway, I can hook my ipod in 2007 eclipse gt?
  • spyder4spyder4 Member Posts: 1
    I just got a 97 spyder eclipse gs and I wanna add a lil more hp to it without going turbo cuz it is alot of work for me. (Being I'm a girl and don't really know a ton about this car its a different language to me) So if someone can give me a few pointers on what I can and cannot do that would be great. Thx
  • kicker9kicker9 Member Posts: 57
    Has anyone found a site that has accessories for 07 Spyders yet?
  • 01cobrakilla01cobrakilla Member Posts: 1
    i have a 1999 gen2 GS eclipse mosly stock with a few minor bolt-ons but i have recently recived a 2JZGTE Supra Twin Turbo stright out of a 1997 supra and was wondering if there was any way in **** that i could swap these two motors if not what motor can i swap out with the stock one???...
  • raging_conceptraging_concept Member Posts: 2
    i have the same problem as you. the aftermarket world decided not to make much for the 2.4l engine. check under an eagle talon for parts that what i have been doin. i have even gone to local speed shops and they just laugh. i am swapping out my motor for the turbo charged one. they make alot of parts for those engines. all i can say is good luck and when you think you have found parts it most likely says execpt spyder. anyways [non-permissible content removed] luck and if you find anything let me know
  • meyerman015meyerman015 Member Posts: 1
    i feel so stupid. these are supposed to be installed easily, but i cannot figure out where the middle part is screwed in, obviously behind it, but i cannot find out how to get the stock piece out because i cannot figure out how to get into it. can somebody, anybody, please explain this to me. i feel so stupid, but i just can't do it, and i cannot find installation instructions anywhere on the internet, and i bought them from the internet and they didnt come with installation instructions. please help :confuse: :blush:
  • jfoiljfoil Member Posts: 1
    I currently own a 97 eclipse rs. I was looking into buying another one which has an burnt up engine in it but the body is in excellent condition.
    I am wondering if I or a mechanic could just swap the engines with relative ease? And if so, could i also have the transmission swapped with it because the eclipse w/ the burnt motor is auto while mine is standard.
  • raging_conceptraging_concept Member Posts: 2
    if you are still looking for parts for and exhaust you can use and 95-99 2.0 dohc catback exhaust except for the gsx(all wheel drive turbo) you can buy a throttle body spacer from obx and you can get and adaptar to mount a cone filter and remove the factory air box. you will gain probaly around 45 horse with all thoughs upgrades. and a turbo is basicly a direct bolt on if you want to have that done
  • oldstyle2oldstyle2 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know where i can get a nice set of headers and cold air intake for my 94 eclipse??
  • ndebt4lifendebt4life Member Posts: 4
    It's not even worth it as it will cost around $5,500 and will not run right if at all.
    All the wires, ecu and tranny must be swapped too and the turbo moter is mounted in the other direction faceing the passenger side.

    A few guys tried it and all they ended up with is junk cars for Charlie the junk man. :sick:
  • ndebt4lifendebt4life Member Posts: 4
    Sorry for the late answers but to your 1st question no and 2nd question none.
    Just turbo what you have after you build up the insides.
    And you may wanna keep that Toyota moter for another Supra and use that car for a daily driver or a back up car because when ya turbo a 420a you may have problems from time to time.
  • mikej3mikej3 Member Posts: 1
    My son totaled his 93 talon 2.0 na 5sp... He purchased a 94 eclipse with a 1.8 na 5 sp that is trashed. The 2.0 runs real well. can the 2.0 go in where the 1.8 was without much trouble ?? appears to me it will but curious to find out from someone who knows for sure. my concern is wiring harness ?

    Thanks in advance for any help
  • deedee98deedee98 Member Posts: 1
    I am looking for a used 2.4L 16v/4cyl for a 1998 Eclipse GS Spyder. The engine recently seized and I would like to find an engine at a reasonable price since this is just a hobby car.

    I live in the Detroit area and would like to find one locally if possible.

    Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  • roiroi Member Posts: 2
    hey i m planning to buy 06-up Mitsubishi Eclipse Halo Projector Headlights /w LED (Pair)Black but i m looking for stores that carry this product and i live in Toronto ....if n e one knows bout this headlight let me know
  • rob_eclipse91rob_eclipse91 Member Posts: 1
    i was wondering if anyone had any advice for me about a problem that started about a week ago, my 1991 Mits Eclipse GS 2.0 L DOHC bogs when i first pull out from a stop and continues until shifting into third. the confusing part is that it does not do it all the time....
    i have replaced the rotors and brakes, i am putting on a new hub and bearing this weekend.

    if anyone knows anything possibilities please let me know ASAP for i live in PA, and there is a Race at Maple Grove Race Way on April 29, 2007 that i am booked in and i would rather not bail, so please post any ideas of anything you may thing could be causeing the problem

    P.S. my car is a non turbo 2.0 L DOHC with a compression ratio of 9:1 i have a turbo that is willing to be sold to me for $400 with all connection equip. i was wondering if you would suggest that i get the turbo and put it on, if so how do you think i should go about it..... new turbo pistons and all???
  • spyder97spyder97 Member Posts: 1
    What year is it.
  • turbodadturbodad Member Posts: 1
    Hey peoples hope someone has a clue whats up with my eclipse cause its driveing me nuts and not around town,here goes I swaped out the dead automatic for a fivespeed manual and also the steering coulem and pedels.it worked fine for a few minets,but then shut down and wont restart now.checked the starter, its good. Im guessing its a short somewhere cause powers not going to the starter at all.I hope i dont have to swap out the harness for the 5speeds harness.oh and i swaped the manuals ecu into it also,but either one wont start the car..I need to fineish this one so i can get on with swapping in a 2g63turbo motor into my other 93 eclipse.. Any clues? after this im going to a 3000 gt vr4 twinturbo,ive had enough eclipse and im tired of being in the dark with no ride..LOL! Just so you know i've been street raceing since i was 18 with a 68 camaro,and this is my first import,its not makeing me feel good about [non-permissible content removed] cars either.But my kid is 19 now and he wanted it..help please..thanks
  • burton24burton24 Member Posts: 3
    I recently installed both front and rear Eibach 2" drop springs on my 01 eclipse gt. No one that I can find offers rear shocks for a 2" drop on an eclipse. As soon as I installed the rear springs, it made the stock shocks collapse. It is almost impossible, and unsafe to drive. Can anyone offer any inexpensive solutions?
  • eclipsepsieclipsepsi Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 420a with turbo and my number three cylinder injector is stuck open, we replaced the injectors and ecu, but the problem is still there...If anyone knows anything about this or why it would happen please let me know. Thanks
  • burton24burton24 Member Posts: 3
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but...I have an 01 Eclipse GT. I am looking for a transmission...I know that the tranny in the newer galants will work, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other ones that will work. Please Help!
  • feltyfelty Member Posts: 1
    basket case 95gst. Motor in pieces, just finished motor.problem is aquired it in pieces has after market turbo greddy boost controller,turbo timer,3" maf with translator.car starts sometimes.has fuel pulse and spark and sometimes seems weak with noid light and spark tester.why is crankshaft sensor deleted? it came that way.it's wired back through cam sensor.is this a 1G conversion?what is the 1G conversion?new to the eclipse scene.
  • soccerkickersoccerkicker Member Posts: 2
    Anyone have any recomendations for which cat-back exhaust would be good for my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse gt, v-6, 3.0? please write back. thanks.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 20,828
    "...which cat-back exhaust..."

    Check out some of the YouTube videos.

    2019 Kia Soul+, 2015 Mustang GT, 2004 Chevy Van, 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible

  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 20,828
    "...looking for a transmission..."

    Try a Chrysler Sebring coupe 2000-2005. It was a rebadged Eclipse. Same motor.

    I assume the tranny would be compatible.

    2019 Kia Soul+, 2015 Mustang GT, 2004 Chevy Van, 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible

  • ndebt4lifendebt4life Member Posts: 4
    Your post don't say if it's an auto or a stick ya look'n for. But in either case try a junk yard you'll get a much better deal just try to look for one that has been smashed in the rear or has been rolled over.
  • soccerkickersoccerkicker Member Posts: 2
    its a manual 5-speed with a megan racing short shifter added
  • toricktorick Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 eclispe GS-T (Turbo)

    can anyone know where i can get a good chip for it??
  • noripsninoripsni Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 3000 gt with a sohc engine . are there a ways to do any modification to the car. whether it is to increase the hp or something.
  • 1970mgbman1970mgbman Member Posts: 1
    I have no gear engagement. It's a F4A51 tranny. DTC code is P 0760 & P 0765
    Solenoid Malfunction. I can here the solenoids trying to work for about 5 sec then they stop. Is there as valve blockage? Is there a way to work on the valve body without removing the tranny?
  • rinkusrinkus Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody know where I can get a 1992 mitsubishi eclipse engine. Hard to find one. Someone told me I could put a k20 or b13 Honda engine in the car. HELP
  • goose56goose56 Member Posts: 9
    Looking to find my manual convertible top release can't find it in the trunk where it is suppose to be!!!!! HELP!!!! Power top still works!!!
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