Mazda CX-7 vs. Nissan Murano



  • FlashMagnuMFlashMagnuM Member Posts: 9
    OK, so everyone is talking about what features the CX-7 have, and what features does the Murano have. Well, I want to buy a used car (under 50k mileage) and I'm concern about the reliability of these 2 cars, because I will choose one of them.

    So all of you guys are talking about how good the back-up camera is, how good the handling is, how sporty the car is, how big the trunk is ... well why don't anyone is writing here what problems did you encountered with these models?

    This is what I wanna know, so some information will be appreciated.
  • FlashMagnuMFlashMagnuM Member Posts: 9
    Heh, I'm replying to myself ...

    So one of the 2 things below might be true:

    1. Both cars are perfect!

    2. Nobody is telling he's real problems, since everyone is praising his own car and now they're all very cautious not to say some bad stuff about it.
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Just curious--- what price range are you looking for in these vehicles? I am not in sales of any kind -- just a retired teacher.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    I also was looking for reliability. So I got the Mitsu Outlander: best predicted reliability in class + best 10 year powertrain warranty + free 5 y roadside assistance.

    CX-7 is not listed here, but in so called "sporty SUV" category where it got slightly less then average. But if I have to choose between Murano and CX-7, I would definitely go for Murano: more space, better reliability, better styling
  • evie1621evie1621 Member Posts: 2
    Can any of you experts out there give me your opinion as to what has the best 'driver vision' of these two SUV's.? I have driven a MURANO and loved it but want to know if the CX7 will give me a better peripheral view when driving. Hope I get lots of opinions here. Thanks.
  • littlej716littlej716 Member Posts: 1
    The CX 7 actually has more vision from front to rear and side to side. It has a more spacious feel to it as the murano has more of a enclosed feeling to it. The murano also has a slit in the back that blocks some of the visioin to. But what I found on the CX 7 is it comes with a blind spot monitoring system which the murano does not have on any level. It actually uses a radar and let's you know in your side mirror if there is a vehicle there and also if you have a blinker on it will sound an alarm.
  • evie1621evie1621 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for this valuable information!
    It looks like I will be going ahead and buying the CX7 LTD rather than the Murano Ti.
    The model I am looking at unfortunately is not new, but a 2007 model and has 60,000 on the clock (all I can afford at this time) but am going to offer a grand less than the asking price of $NZ 33,000 as it is now one year older. Wish me luck.!
  • cougsmomcougsmom Member Posts: 2
    I just bought my 2011 Murano yesterday. I TRADED IN MY MAZDA CX7 Turbo.
    We have found anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 miles the EGR Valve will go out and is an $800 job minimum. It is an emissions problem and should be covered by warranty which of course expired. They should have a recall if the problem continues to exist. It is a pain to change the headlight bulb and you can't even do your own oil change w/o practically taking the whole engine apart.
    The other thing about the Mazda is it is very noisy in the cab of the car, the Murano is very quiet. I just hope I don't have start & stall problems. Crossing my fingers on that. Good luck! ;)
  • cougsmomcougsmom Member Posts: 2
    It has horrible peripheral, we added the little stick on circles and helped tremendously. The Murano has much better side view mirrors.
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