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Anyone know about the towing capabilities of the CX-7?


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    I am disapointed with this one, sure it looks great and will probably handle great and the quality will be good, however I cannot see this one being a workhorse for someone who needs to tow on a regular basis. I hope the Tribute lives on. :cry:
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    The CX-9 will have a 6 cyl that might fit your needs.
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    Where can I find information on CX-9 and when is it due out? You are correct in assuming that my issue is with the engine of the CX-7. Somehow a turbocharged 4cyl does not inspire confidence for towing loads. Also, I take issue with the premium fuel requirement of this engine. Thanks
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    Where can I find information on CX-9 and when is it due out?

    It's really tough to find accurate information on the CX-9 right now. All that is really known is that it will be replacing the MPV in 2007 as a 2008 model. The prototype vehicle has yet to be shown at any event yet. It's a possibility it may be shown at the NY auto show in the spring, as was the MX-Crossport concept last spring (now the production CX-7).
    I spoke with my rep at Mazda, and he didn't really have much to say on the matter, because Mazda is very tight-lipped about things like this.
    As for the size, it will probably be close to the size of the Chrysler Pacifica/Ford Freestyle. It will be a 7 passenger vehicle. As for the engine, it's rumored to have the new 3.5L Duratec engine by Ford that produces 250hp. It may have more HP, but like I said, that's all a rumor.
    There really is NO official information on this vehicle yet. All that is truly known is that a 7 passenger vehicle, called the CX-9, will be built by Mazda.
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    Somehow a turbocharged 4 cyl does not inspire confidence for towing loads.

    I wonder what percentage of SUVs/Crossovers ever tow anything?
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    I wonder what percentage of SUVs/Crossovers ever tow anything?

    Exactly! Asking a crossover to tow is ludicrous.
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    I disagree. I want my crossover to tow at least 1500 lbs so I can pull a pop up camper or small utility trailer.

    People buy corossovers because they want 1 v ehicle that can do a LOT of things for them. A reasonable tow rating is not too much to expect.
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    I just looked to see what percentage of our Tribute sales had the 'tow package'.....for the entire 2005 model year it was 7.4%. Out of the 7.4% many took the vehicle because it was what they wanted and it happen to have the tow package...not because they wanted to tow. Not enough to really make a difference.

    The towing capacity of the CX-7 is 2000lbs.
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    Our Navajo and Tribute each came with tow packages.

    We've never used them for anything other than receiver-type bike racks.

    Think there might be a correlation - the more expensive the SUV, the less likely it is ever used to tow anything?
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    Remember...the CX-7 is based on a front wheel drive car platform. One that isnt exactly designed with substantial towing in mind. The 2000lb rating seems reasonable for the CX-7....If somebody is going to tow something larger a vehicle that is designed with towing in mind, like an Explorer, might be a better choice
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    Thanks for information aviboy97. I will keep my eyes open for when more details come out on the CX-9.

    As for the list of comments on towing from other posters, I would suspect that a number of people do like me and purchase aftermarket towing equipment for their SUV's. In my part of the country most every SUV I see has a tow hitch of some form and they use them for towing all sorts of things from boats to travel trailers to snowmobile trailers. The current Tribute is rated to 3500lbs for towing, so expecting any SUV to be able to tow a certain amount would not be unreasonable. I tow about 2500lbs and it is handling it with no problems. Having said that, I now understand that the CX-7 is not intended for being such a workhorse and that is fine. Some people do not need the towing capacity and that is fine also. If it was not for my towing needs I would be looking further at the CX-7 as it seems to be a dynamic package. :shades:
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    We bought our Navajo off the lot in '92, it came with the towing package. Interestingly enough, the towing package didn't include a receiver or hitch. I bought an after-market receiver and installed it myself.
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    Your welcome. That's what these forums are for. I will keep you posted with any information that I receive from Mazda.
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    If somebody is going to tow something larger a vehicle that is designed with towing in mind, like an Explorer, might be a better choice

    Interestingly enough, U-Haul won't rent trailers to anyone with an Explorer - too many claims.
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    "Interestingly enough, U-Haul won't rent trailers to anyone with an Explorer - too many claims."

    Interestingly enough, I have rented U-Haul trailers of various sizes and at several locations to pull behind my Explorer on numerous occasions. My Explorer has a 5000+ pound towing capacity and seems to handle the load just fine. Of course, now I purchased my own 18' trailer, so U-Haul won't be seeing me as often. But your "information" is absolutely wrong.
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    I work with an Explorer owner who went to U-Haul to rent a trailer. They refused because they don't rent to Explorer owners - too many claims.

    I formerly owned a Mazda Navajo (Explorer clone), and looked into renting a U-Haul trailer - same response.

    Go to the U-Haul web site, enter vehicle info for an Explorer to tow a U-Haul trailer, and see what you get.

    Even better, go to a search, and enter "Ford Explorer U-haul."

    This is from the U-Haul site:
    Ford Explorer owners: U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations. This policy is not related to safety issues. This is an unusual circumstance for U-Haul – we have built our success for over 59 years by saying "yes" to our customers, and do not like saying "no" instead. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to working with our customers to find alternative options to help with their move. Please contact 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285) for assistance with alternative options.
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    There's a fake review of the CX-7 posted here at Edmunds. The guy even claims to have had it for two years.
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    Sometimes a weird consumer review slips through the cracks; I think the reject button was missed on that one. In any event, it was queued up for removal (production schedules don't permit immediate removal of stuff like that - oh well, should be gone now).

    As far as the U-Haul/Explorer towing thing, what's funny is that U-Haul doesn't say anything about renting to Mountaineer owners. About the only difference from the Explorer is the trim and badges.

    Steve, Host
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    I have been looking for about a week now with no luck. I've tried the dealer, Uhaul, and some local places here in Las Vegas with no luck. The dealer said the AWD version comes equipped with it, but there is no word on adding it to the two wheel drive version.I just want to haul an atv, nothing big or heavy.
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    I think that just about any vehicle that can carry 4 or more passengers can haul a 400 lb atv no problem.
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    I installed Hidden Hitch PN:87421 yesterday. have three hitches available, as well as the wiring harness. Have fun.
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    Thank you very much! I will check it out.
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    Has anyone had U-Haul install a new hitch? I went out Saturday and it turns out the hitch will not fit around the exhaust pipe on the right hand side. They had to make modifications to the actual hitch. Three hours waiting and I still have to go back to actually get it installed.
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    Is the U-Haul hitch better than the Mazda version? Pro's/Con's ???

    Just interested, for future reference.

    Thanks, Vince
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    The Mazda version is only a 1-1/4" hitch while many aftermarket ones are 2". I went with the Mazda OEM unit, but am now seeing that there seem to be fewer accessories made for the smaller size. Oh well.

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    When I was in the process of purchasing my car I asked about it and the sales manager and my salesman said it would be cheaper to have U-haul do it. Unfortunately I have spent 4 hours on this project and it is still not installed due to the necessity of cutting a notch for the exhaust pipe. I don't want to do any heavy towing, but I have a 5X8 triler that enables me not to have to borrow a pickup truck. Teh only advantage I can see is the wiring might be integrated instead of "T-tapping" the rear lights.
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    If you are planning on having your CX7 for a long time, and you don't have to tow all the time, I would not install it period. I don't mean to scare anybody, but your transmission will have to work harder, and will have different shifting points than normal due to the added tongue weight, the transmission gets a software update from Mazda(& all manuf.) when you add the trailer hitch/ prep package.
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    I agree with you except if the wife and I want to go buy a new mattress for the house I don't want to have them pay for delivery at there convienence. I only plan on hauling at most around 500lbs and that would be for a short distance.
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    A bit of economics here. What's the cost of installing a trailer hitch versus the cost of a one time rental of a small U-Haul truck? Home Depot rents flat-bed trucks for about $21 for 75 mins plus $5 for every mins thereafter. Very convenient and useful for hauling a mattress and box spring. You referred to the aggravation of waiting and trying to figure out how your vehicle will be modified to accept that hitch.

    Seems the Home Depot option is less messy and certainly a lot cheaper!

    Vince. :)
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    Yes, I agree the Home Depot route might be easier and if you bring economics into I would be driving a stripped down Saturn. I used the trailer when I had maxima and found I used it 2-3 times a month for my personal use and friends use. This would not be a problem if the hitch had been installed the first day without any problems. I originally sent my querry to see if anyone else has had a problem with aftermarket installation.

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    I don't mean to scare anybody, but your transmission will have to work harder, and will have different shifting points than normal due to the added tongue weight, the transmission gets a software update from Mazda(& all manuf.) when you add the trailer hitch/ prep package.

    There is no towing prep package for the CX-7 and the hitches are port/dealer/customer installed. The installation instructions make no mention about a PCM update either so I'm not sure how you came up with this.

    Anyway, almost every car should be able to tow 2,000 lbs. My CX-7, like the Mazda5 before it, has no trouble with my small utility trailer loaded with motorcycles or a weekend project.
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    "There is no towing prep package for the CX-7 and the hitches are port/dealer/customer installed. The installation instructions make no mention about a PCM update either so I'm not sure how you came up with this."

    I second that. I meant to post the exact same thing but you beat me to it. :shades:

    Even if there were a software upgrade, it usually means harsher shifts via less clutch slippage, which means LONGER transmission life under the same conditions...
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    Don't be fooled into thinking that just because the CX-7 has a four cylinder engine that it can't perform. Look at the specs. The V6 used in the Escape/Tribute is a dog, with low horsepower and pathetic torque. The CX-7 has 44 more horses and 65 more ft. lbs. of torque.

    I haul a small sailboat with my CX-7. Total weight including boat, trailer, etc. is around 2000 lbs. The CX-7 handles it with no problem. I have hauled the same boat with a friend's Sport Trac and it felt like I was dragging a one ton boulder behind me.

    It's likely that the CX-7 has a low 2000 lb. towing capacity because it's a lighter vehicle with a shorter wheelbase. It has nothing to do with motor performance.
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    I went out yesterday to test drive a CX-9, and while there decided to test drive a CX-7. I ended up loving the CX-7, not so impressed with the 9. And I am seriously considering the CX-7. While driving home my wife (being the voice of reason that she usually is) asked me about its towing ability. I hadn't even thought about that.

    I tow our 2 motorcycles 2 or 3 times per year. The bikes weigh around 600lbs each, plus the weight of the trailer. Trailer weight is unknown as I borrow one every time (sometimes its is an enclosed trailer, sometimes it is an open deck trailer).

    Is the Cx-7 capable of towing this?
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    Towing capacity of CX-7 is 2,000 lbs. A lightweight trailer should give plenty of room for fuel and other supplies.
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    I regularly tow my dirtbikes to the desert on a small utility trailer (4'x6'6"). Total weight is less than 1500 and I can barely feel it. A box trailer may be more than 800lbs so you should call your local U-haul to verify.
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    When I bought my CX-7 I insisted that they install a hitch. I was a little surprised when they installed the 1 1/4". We recently bought a boat. Typically we tow the boat with our Wrangler but it is in the shop and we want to take the boat out. Will we be able to tow the boat with the CX-7? I think the boat weights about 2000 - 2200 lbs including trailer.
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    Towing beyond the 2,000lb limit puts safety, liability and drivability in your hands.

    While the system was likely designed to handle double that amount, all the risk becomes yours...not to mention the fine if you get caught.
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    I bought a 2007 CX-7 GT that happened to have a factory installed "trailer hitch w/o wiring harness". Now that I actually need to be able to tow a small trailer, I'd like to get the wiring installed.

    I called several Mazda dealerships about ordering parts and getting this done, they've been giving me some rather inconsistent information.

    [Service center 1]
    You have a class II hitch, you need:
    0000-8E-M04 (Main harness kit) $154
    0000-8E-M03 (Jumper Harness) $20
    Labor $70
    The Harness kit comes with some sort of power adapter..

    [service center 2]
    You don't have a tow hitch, you have just a bike hitch.
    Wait, maybe you have a tow hitch, but since you have power seats,
    you don't need the Jumper Harness.

    [service center 3]
    You have the wiring, it says "w/o wiring harness" because you don't need it.
    You should be able to plug in the trailer's break lights. If something is missing, then bring the car in and we'll fix it.. it's under warranty.

    I didn't realize it was going to be this much of a hassle. I just want to be able to pull a small trailer.. and have working brake lights.
    Has anyone been able to successfully get wiring installed on their 2007 CX-7 GT?

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    I'll go with Service Center 3: IF you have a factory hitch, it comes with the trailer light connector.

    The GT does not require a jumper harness so service center 1 is out. Service center 2's final thoughts are correct but that all depends on what your dealer invoice looks like. If you don't have your invoice, your best bet is to call Mazda's 800# and find out how the vehicle was originally equipped.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, it is the factory hitch. It has "Mazda" written on it.
    The wording on the invoice is: Trailer hitch w/o wiring harness

    My wild guess is, what they meant was that since my CX-7 is a GT (means it has power seats), that it doesn't require the jumper harness. Not "Wiring and the connector for the trailer's turning/braking lights are sold separately."

    I do see the socket for the 4-way flat electrical connector right next to the hitch on the CX-7. So I'll stop by a Uhaul and see if I can connect to a trailer there and make sure that trailer brake lights work.
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    "I do see the socket for the 4-way flat electrical connector right next to the hitch on the CX-7."

    Well that's all you need. That connector is nearly universal for any small trailer without electric brakes or aux. power.
  • ws46ws46 Member Posts: 28
    I stopped by a Uhaul today and tested on one of their trailers. Yep, the lights work. :)

    I had requested the Service Center 1 guy to order the parts (before I posted on this forum), after he told me that I needed those two parts. The guy looked up my VIN and the info on my car (this is the dealership that I bought the car from) so I thought he knew what he was talking about..

    Well, now they are asking me to pay 10% parts return fee. What a headache!
    If I had been a little smarter, I would have avoided all this mess.. arghhh.
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    I got a wiring harness from JCWhitney dot com and it was around 60 bucks I think. I also installed it by myself with ease and I am mechanically challenged. But, if you look in the compartment where your passenger tail light is you will find a plug in place for maybe a backup camera. One of the posts are hot and you can connect your hot for your harness there. Much easier than running a hot all the way to your battery.
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    does anyone of a rental company such as enterprise or hertz that has the mazda cx-7 as part of their fleet, because much of the fleet is described as "ford explorer, or similar" for example.
    thanks so much for the help
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