help ! 2007 Trailblazer problems

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I have a 2007 trailblazer & I will never own another,it has been one problem after another! I have drained my saving!
All of a sudden now my battery dies, i came out of work & it was dead as a door nail,& I left nothing on. Had a co-worker give me a hot shot & I went straight home,let my truck run about a half hour ,turned off . Next morning it had dropped to 34 degrees I was afraid I would miss work but it started right up,there was frost on window so i lowered window to clean off frost & outside mirror but when I went to raise window it wouldn't at first I had to play with it. Went to work ,came out 9 hours later and could not open door with key remote,had to use key,and truck was dead ,not a word & could not get key back out of ignition ? Why is this happening, the battery isn;t that old & with a jump it started right up? I can't afford to have a dealership nickel & dime me ,I will never own another Chevy !!!! Can someone suggest something please ,I had a "tire monitor warning "on my dashboard for months & that finally went out after this last charge & the little icon as well so I;m thinking electrical, but don't know where to start ? Can I troubleshoot this myself and how? I would appreciate any recommendations here .


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    Are the battery terminals clean and tight? Has the battery been tested?
    Just because it "isn't that old", doesn't mean it's not bad.
    Is the alternator working properly?

    I would check the battery terminals. Make sure they are clean and tight.
    If you can move them by hand, they are loose and will cause those symptoms.
    Check the ground cable and make sure it isn't loose.
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