2010 chrysler town and country intermittent starting issue

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bought a 2010 town and country used very well kept had all service records etc.. one morning i went to move it (it had been sitting over night outside and it was kinda cold 45-55 degrees and had rained that night). put key fob in ignition and went to turn it over. after turning key van tried starting it crank for about 5 seconds then stopped. turned key off and took out of ignition. waited a minute put key back in tried starting again same issue. waited 10 minutes went to start van and it started right up and kept starting with no issue rest of the day. maybe a week later wife at work tried starting van after sitting 12 hours it had been cold again that day and turned key to start, van cranked for 5 seconds but didnt start. she waited a few minutes then tried again and it started. fast forward to summer and i was out of town she called saying van wouldnt start. had a mechanic friend put new battery in it and it started right up. 3 months have went by and it is now november. cold and rainy wife tried starting van after work (had been sitting 12 hours but didnt have any issues starting it this morning at 530am when cold and rainy) same issue cranked for 5 seconds then stopped. i took it to a trusted dealer they checked for any updates avaiable for pcm, tipm, etc.. no updates avaiable at that time. this van had all recalls for fob and ignition i am at a loss but know the only constant being cold and rainy weather. i am a technician but not familiar with dodge/chrysler issues. any suggestions would be helpful. i suspect fuel pump relay that is integrated into tipm, being it is trying to start and cranking strong every time issue has occured. this has only happened at very random times and maybe 5-6 times total during colder and rainy days but as mentioned not evry time it is rainy or cold.


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    When you say cranks for 5 seconds and stop, do you mean you stop or do you mean it cranks for 5 seconds and then no longer cranks?
    If so, then the fuel pump relay has nothing to do with the cranking.

    If you stop, because it isn't starting, then it is possible that the fuel pump relay is not engaging, or the check valve in the fuel pump isn't keeping fuel to the lines.

    But you would need to hook up a fuel pressure gauge to the rails to see what pressure you get when it does that.
    Clarify what you are meaning and we can go from there.
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    My van has had intermittent starting problems, changed batteries in fob been good, ambient temp gauge has started malfunctioning reading no temp or 100+, Etc light came on but van ran fine?  Are issues related or coincidence?
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    We had this exact same issue. We have a 2010 T&C that would occasionally not start and found out it was the TIPM (total integrated power module). The TIPM controls all the power for the vehicle systems, so things get bad when it goes out. Outside of the starting issue, the A/C stopped working, and the idle was really rough. The TIPM has a notorious problem of having FAULTY FACTORY RELAYS installed on the interior circuit boards. Don't spend $1200 for a new TIPM that has these relays - you're throwing away your money and not solving the problem. I replaced the TIPM on my 2010 T&C with a rebuilt unit (cost $325) and it solved everything! Car runs great, A/C is working again, no problems with starting up. I bought my TIPM at: https://www.totalintegratedpowermodule.com
    I'm not saying you need/should purchase your TIPM from where I bought mine, I'm just saying to verify that the internal relays are not the factory-installed pieces of garbage. If the relays haven't been replaced, there's a big chance the problem will resurface.
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