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2004 ION Floor behind passenger seat is soaked

sunnyboy010101sunnyboy010101 Vancouver IslandPosts: 1
edited November 2017 in Saturn
Rainy season has started again, and the floor behind the front passenger seat is again soaked. I removed the rear seat and pulled up the carpet - the driver's side rear floor is dry, but the passenger side is just flooded - a pool of standing water under the carpet and the carpet (and underlay) is just dripping.

I already fixed the sunroof leak, but that's front passenger floor. This is behind the passenger seat. I checked, and all other interior areas are dry - no leak in the ventilation flapper valve, sunroof still OK, all carpet except the soaked one is dry. I also checked and no leaks from front or back windows, nor any leaks from doors or door seals. That's all dry.

I cannot figure out where the water is coming, so any assistance would be appreciated.

After pulling the carpet up behind the front seats I did notice there are two rubber hoses - one coming down each side of the transmission tunnel (under the carpets) which then lead to fittings just in front of the rear seat. They are a hard rubber and are NOT wire harnesses. The fitting is a rectangular nylon where the hose exits at an angle. I cannot find what these hoses are anywhere. I'm ready to toss the useless Haynes book on a bonfire.

Can anyone tell me what these hoses are for? They come from somewhere in the front of the cabin but I can't tell without pulling the seats and all the carpet.

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