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2004 ION Floor behind passenger seat is soaked

sunnyboy010101sunnyboy010101 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2017 in Saturn
Rainy season has started again, and the floor behind the front passenger seat is again soaked. I removed the rear seat and pulled up the carpet - the driver's side rear floor is dry, but the passenger side is just flooded - a pool of standing water under the carpet and the carpet (and underlay) is just dripping.

I already fixed the sunroof leak, but that's front passenger floor. This is behind the passenger seat. I checked, and all other interior areas are dry - no leak in the ventilation flapper valve, sunroof still OK, all carpet except the soaked one is dry. I also checked and no leaks from front or back windows, nor any leaks from doors or door seals. That's all dry.

I cannot figure out where the water is coming, so any assistance would be appreciated.

After pulling the carpet up behind the front seats I did notice there are two rubber hoses - one coming down each side of the transmission tunnel (under the carpets) which then lead to fittings just in front of the rear seat. They are a hard rubber and are NOT wire harnesses. The fitting is a rectangular nylon where the hose exits at an angle. I cannot find what these hoses are anywhere. I'm ready to toss the useless Haynes book on a bonfire.

Can anyone tell me what these hoses are for? They come from somewhere in the front of the cabin but I can't tell without pulling the seats and all the carpet.


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    ehbrown1ehbrown1 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Ion which had the same problem. Mine turned out too be the sunroof drain lines were clogged. There is a soft rubber line at each corner of the sunroof, the front lines run down the windshield pillars and out the bottom rear of the front fenders, while the rear lines run down the rear quarter pillars into the trunk and out through the trunk floor. They are a real pain to clean as they were filled with seed pods from trees and all other kinds of junk. Once I cleaned them out and made certain they were draining properly, I have not had the flood problem since. Now it just won't run due to starting problems. It's always something. Good luck and let me know if this helps.
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