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Ford Ranger Body Accessories

minigunningminigunning Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Ford
I just bought a ford ranger thunder and the only concern I have is that the radiators look vulnerable to sticks etc . I work off road every day cutting trees away from powerlines and always used a toyota hilux but was tempted by a ford ranger. Is there any retro fitting guard I can get(preferably in uk) to protect against this? Is it likely to be a problem?


  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    I looked at the Rangers at the dealership and I agree. The radiator does look too exposed to debris damage. The ranger has the best fuel mileage of any pick-up sold in the USA, but who wants to be replacing radiators all the time? I would consider somehow installing some light wire fencing material or plastic netting in the openings of the front bumper.
  • Has anyone ever changed the cab out on a 93-97 Ranger? I am in the process and about to start and i am just wondering how big of a job this is going to be. And if any one has any pointers that would help
  • do you know anything about installing air ride suspension on a 99 ranger? Im getting air ride for it but i want to know if i should get new lower control arms that are smaller and i dont know if i need to cut anything off the frame or not?
  • Air lift company in Lansing,MI would be the best place to contact about this. You dont say if this is to be Front AND rear bags or just rear. I have done some AL kits for the rear of full size trucks. they are very good for added load capacity without killing a (relatively)smooth ride when empty.If you are looking for something to get your Ranger "up out of the weeds" when rolling and setting on the rockers when parked. I am not sure that air ride will do that for you. It is designed to suplement the stock suspension, not replace it.
  • dawesdawes Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Ranger 4x4 2dr. super cab and I am haveing alot of difficulty findingexterior parts for this truck(without burning my wallet)I am looking for a brush guard,nerf bars and a suspension lift.I would also like to have a topper on this truck,but I have not been able to locate one for a step side.If any of you could help me at all I would appreciste it.Thank you.
  • You dont need "help". You need "Money". Ebay will have the lift kits and all the bolt on steel stuff. A topper can be found used at many dealerships(they often remove them from trade ins).It will take some seaching but a used "splash" fiberglass cap could be found for around two hundred to three fifty or so for a nice one, beat up or weathered might be had for less.
  • I hear tons of wind noise when driving on the highway in my 06 Ranger. My 86 and 97 Rangers never did this. Did Ford make a bad design change?? How can I fix this? Will the dealer help me?
  • Where can I find them?? Front molded mudd flapps for an 06 Ranger Super cab, 4x4, 4.0, w/o flare.
    Please help, I've benn looking eeverywhere. All I get is flat universal type of flaps when looking.
    Thanks, Redranger
  • One WEB site to try is They have a selection of molded mud flaps in a wide range of prices.
    I hope they have something you are looking for.
  • Howdy Folks,

    I just picked a nice used 02 XLT 4x4; immaculate. I am new to Fords trucks (just sold my 78 IH Scout II, have Jeeps and Toyos prior)) but have always liked the Ranger. I was hoping to get some feedback on the experirnces and problems associated with truck certain canopies; Leer, Snugtop, A.R.E., etc...

    Best bang for the buck?

    Nightmare quality (i.e. paint fading, fiberglass chipping)?

    Easy removal?

    Nicest featrues?

    Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to reading the posts...

  • i'm in the look out for a pair of 2006 Ranger taillights and pair of manual mirrors. if you can help me out. please email me at thanks
  • deejay2deejay2 Posts: 1
    I just bought a '07 Ranger super-cab with the power dome hood. I want to add a hood scoop similar to the Mustang scoop. The problem is the indentation in the center of the hood. Does anyone have any suggestions how to overcome this problem ?
  • will a ford ranger exhaust fit a ford bronco email me at
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The full-size Bronco that was around until 1996, not likely... that's just a shortened F150. The little Bronco II that preceded the Explorer should share a lot of the exhaust system with the Ranger (except the tailpipe).

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • The pax door on my 06 was really bad. took it to the dealer and he fixed it with no further problems.
  • I've got a 1999 Ford Ranger which I recently banged up backing into my garage. Wasn't paying attention... oops. The passenger Side View Mirror bent back and although the housing and motor are fine and the actual mirror didn't break, the posts that hold the mirror into the sockets did. As a result the mirror has fallen out. The motor is fine and the sockets are free from debris / broken plugs, so all I really need are the plugs that lock into the sockets on the back of the mirror. Two are green (they are the ones the electric motor pulls for adjustment), two are white.

    I've searched online for mirror kits and can't find anything other than the entire housing and not even the motors, which I do NOT need. I really just need the green and white plugs that attach to the mirror then to the motor.

    Any suggestions before I go to the mechanic?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Ah, again a new topic for a repair.

    Junkyard - salvage for a matching mirror and then pull parts out for yours.
  • Just got a new Ranger, but having problems finding seat covers for the new unit. I always buy a set to protect the seats. This is the so-called 60 40 split seat setup. What a hassle. No stores have these seat covers. Canadian Tire here in Vancouver said they quit selling them about a year ago. Seems strange to me. There are tons of Fords and Rangers on the streets. Where do I get covers for the new unit without going on the net and ordering them for 179 dollars? I am about a 25 dollar per seat man personally. Don't know if the dealers carry these things or not, but probably not I guess.
  • i am overhaulin a 1986 ranger shortbed does anyone know where i can find a bed for it
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