I'm trying to put in a new timing chain on a swapped 3800 please help

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I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a swapped 3800 and it I'm trying to put a new timing belt and would appreciate any help or information on how to go about this or how to find a video to a step-by-step process please help me I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone may have. My ultimate goal of registering for this forum was to find a step by step video so if someone could help me locate one that would be amazing. It's for my 71 year old grandmother lol yes she rocks an eclipse my old one to be specific.


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    Wait. A GM V6 3.8l? What year is the engine? What was it out of? The only GM 3800's that I can recall at the moment had chains not belts. The timing chain and gears are installed with the dot on the crank gear at 12 o'clock and the cam gear directly above it at 6 o'clock. Otherwise the job is simple beyond removing and reinstalling the crank pulley.
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    Thank you I was pretty positive it was a chain but I wasn't sure. Is there any possibility that you might know we're I could find a step by step video or even written step by step instructions? You have known idea how much you would be helping me and my grandmother. We would immensely appreciate your help. If u have any links or anything my email is [email protected] and thank you so much God bless
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