NAV update (2018 Pink USB Map Update vC.GO 140) - did they improve it this time, or broke up again?

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Hi everyone, ex-quiet watcher now first time poster here.

I am on the fence about upgrading the built-in navigation of my lovely CRV 2015 Touring (North America) at the first time. I started driving a lot across the whole country, and it sounds like a good idea, though 3 years old maps are not that often off, and I can bear with them for a little more.

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, I prefer the built-in GPS over the standalone/smartphone based one (but as I never drive alone, the passenger can always double-check or offer an alrernative).

So I am preparing myself to saying a tearful goodbye to $150 plus tax (no discount this year) for 2018 Pink USB Map Update vC.GO 140 as it came out recently, and asking the community if anyone already got that and have anything to say about the difference.

My only concern is that sometimes upgrade makes things worse, I am sure you all read these stories and some may have this experience. Being aware of zero-responsibility (aka "as-is") concept deeply rooted in software development, and no any competition for in-dash navi solution whatsoever, and no way to downgrade, I am checking, as with any other upgrade - did anyone do it yet?

I could not find a public review of this particular upgrade, all searches lead to purchase or install instructions or new car review, neither of these is helpful.

I don't want to be the first disappointed upgrader with no way to go back.
So... anyone has experience to share?


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    The same exact model Pink Map Update updates the 2015 Honda FIT that I have and I have the same exact questions and concerns as you.

    Have you had the Honda Dealer update the GPS/Radio Unit Bios/Operating System on your CRV since it was new under the warranty? This is something different than the Map Updates--but if a bios update is available for your model it is essential to update it first before installing the Paid Map Update so that the install/operation goes smoothly.

    Kind of like with a computer--you should update the Operating System first before installing new software (the GPS maps.)

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    Hmmm I can't recollect asking for firmware upgrade specifically. Before embarking on my journeys, I barely drove around, so my visits to dealership for mileage-driven maintenance were once in a blue moon. But this is a good point about firmware upgrade before map upgrade, thanks! Do I need to ask at the dealership, or they just do it once new version is available, so they probably did it already?

    I hope you won' mind posting here if you come across any evidence of this upgrade to worth the efforts or not (money aside), or if you bite the bullet yourself eventually ;-)
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