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vibration in the platinum series

needhelp43needhelp43 Posts: 2
edited December 2017 in Ford
I am driving a new 2017 Platinum Ford Explorer. Love the car but not the ride. At times (not all the time) I get a vibration which is annoying. I changed out the tires which made a difference but I still get a vibration. Could it be the rubber (under carriage air flange which is attached to the bumper?) It is appears flimsy. Suggestions?


  • A little more color on my "vibration" experience. When accelerating (mostly between 50-65 MPH). I feel a fluttering vibration on the steering wheel. It goes away once I get to crusing speed. This vibration experience takes away from the enjoyment of the vehicle. Just hoping that Ford or someone can help me figure this out!
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