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17' Lariat OTD pricing close out inventory

alexa01alexa01 Member Posts: 25
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looking for perspective from insiders, buyers, and window shoppers with negotiation addiction issues. Is 12-13k off MSRP($58k) realistic at this time of year for a 17' Lariat 2,7L 4x4 w/502A package or do I need to kick the can down the road a bit more? The particular truck i'm looking at has twin panel roof, push button start, remote start, fx4 package, trailer tow package, tail step, and 20" PVD wheels. right now dealer is asking $50 with the November pricing. I'm hoping to drive away for $45-46.....pipe dream or is an early xmas in the making? I know the selection dwindles the longer I wait but wondering what's the best price I can realistically try to get through this yr and early 18'


  • alexa01alexa01 Member Posts: 25
    update to this in case anyone else is negotiating. the dealer is down to 50,1k. Invoice is 54366, Holdback is 1712, Floor plan allowance is 571, and Advertising allowance is 857. they're offering 4250 in rebates, which I assume include the 2250 in ford Credit, 500 Military, 250 customer cash, & 1250 Bonus Cash. I don't believe they're including the 1k in dealer cash they're getting right now. Last time I went in they were at an ACap of ~51500 with depreciation of ~18500 and interest of ~1900 for a total of between 20-21k. This particular truck has 2k miles on it so i'm thinking of holding out a bit for them to move it into DEMO/Loaner pricing or just into used inventory. My goal is to come out of this paying no more than the projected 16-17k in depreciation which amounts to around $15 per day. As a back up plan i'm looking at a 17' King Ranch with 12k miles for only 45k or just going with leasing the 18' Lariat since it's essentially the same total cost as 17' Lariat because of the higher residual & .25 MF
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 18,711
    I have seen aged inventory and demo cash posted in the price of some 2017 Fords I've seen the prices for online.
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  • alexa01alexa01 Member Posts: 25
    Just in case anyone is looking for a gauge for their deal. I'm getting closer to making the 17' Lariat a done deal. We're down to 18k area total for the 36month term with taxes & fees included which would put this around 500/month. A lot of back and forth but hopefully get deal closed by yr end.
  • tbirdmarcotbirdmarco Member Posts: 3,838
  • alexa01alexa01 Member Posts: 25
    got it down to 18k all in with taxes/fees included but it's on a 2018 loaded with all the same features. Problem is now every dealer i'm talking to is trying to match. Was a learning journey though!!! Now the best offer on the table is a 65k 2017 completely loaded Lariat w/ updated 3,7L EB 10sp trans going for 50k but they won't lease it, only sell. Oh the temptation to just wait until Jan month end and get a STEAL!
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