1997 Chevy Blazer gage cluster is not working

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I recently reinstalled my dash on my 1997 Chevy blazer and when I turned the key my gages moved but had no response when I fired it up I mean RPM Gage wasn’t working, oil gage wasn’t working and everything else wasn’t working, I checked the gage fuse it was perfectly fine wasn’t blown out, but when I first uninstalled the dash a black relay fell I don’t know from where but It says 12volts on it so I’m not positive where it goes!?! Can anyone help me!?!


  • chevyblazer97chevyblazer97 Member Posts: 3
  • chevyblazer97chevyblazer97 Member Posts: 3
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    I have the same issue, no power to the  5 amp instrument gauge cluster  fuse   or 3 amp crank  sensor fuse  so no dash illumination or gauges on a 1989 GMC JIMMY S-15  and now the wiperror fuse blows every time I start the vehicle but this only happened  after it rained and water came in to the back side of the fuse block from under the hood at the power enter your  unit do to the firewall hinge  sheet metal design directing  water  at the hood joint down  directly onto the wire block  to leak into the interior behindesign the fuse  block under the dash  flooding the floor . What do I do to fix this and get the gauges and wiper short  fixed. Please help.
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    Follow the wiring harness that goes to the headlights under the battery box. Turns out that I had a similar issue and it affected the windshield wipers as well as the ABS. There is a main positive lead that can become corroded from the battery box or other reasons and will cause issues with it. So it may be shorting out and causing your issue.
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