Car Buying Advice: 2017 CRV LX/EX vs 2015/2016 CRV Touring?

baseballmom97baseballmom97 Member Posts: 101
edited December 2017 in Honda
Looking for a used CRV. Safety features are of primary importance to us. I found a used 2017 but it is an LX which appears to not have as many safety features as the EX. Is it worth it to spend more on the EX or does the 2017 LX have adequate safety features? Also, to get the same safety features as the 2017 EX it looks like we would have to buy a top of the line Touring model for the 2015/2016 years - is this correct?

So the question is: should we get the 2017 LX or hold out for an EX or go with a 2015/2016 Touring? What would you do?
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