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Losing Audio

katesterwkatesterw Member Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in BMW
I have a 2013 BMW X5. The problem that has started happening is that while listening to AM/FM/Satellite Radio or even the chimes to tell you that you need to put your seatbelt on, I will lose audio. Then it will come back in and then leave again. When this is happening and I am listening to FM while driving, the stations on the screen will disappear and sometimes when this happens, the whole system will re-boot and the screen looks exactly like it does when you first start the car. As you can imagine this is extremely irritating especially listening to music or someone talking or any kind of sports event. I tried taking it to my local BMW dealership and they were no help at all. They basically said that water was getting into the back left quarter panel of the vehicle and that the components back there were getting wet and that was what was causing the issue. I am not sure I believe that. This audio issue does not happen all the time but it should not happen at all. I know that the components back there are pretty expensive to replace. So I am trying to narrow down exactly which one is causing this issue. My husband says there is an overall computer component that may need to be replaced. But he wanted me to start here first. All I want for Christmas is this issue fixed! Does anyone here have any idea of what the problem may be or what the solution is? Please help! Thank you!
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