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For All Fox Body Stang's 5.0 Performance


  • 82boss82boss Member Posts: 3
    I was just wondering if anyone has built or had a stroker motor built for they're car because I have a few question's
  • stangonlystangonly Member Posts: 1
    yea i have a stroker moter in my 87 stang
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    82boss, not sure if you've visited our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification Forum -- you might get some answers to your questions there, too.


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  • tibbitibbi Member Posts: 5
    I am the second owner of a '92 LX 2.3 ltr, 5 spd manual, 65K miles and am wondering if I should restore it or sell it? It's in super condition inside with no rusted out spots but has some passanger door damage (hubby backed into it :mad: ). Since the car is so sound mechanically and for the most part body-wise, I'd like opinions on whether or not it would have any value as a restored car to keep for show or if I should just sell it :confuse: . I don't drive it and it's still garaged, but I am uncertain as to which avenue to take. I appreciate any advice you all could provide - thanks for any response!
  • john_324john_324 Member Posts: 974
    4cyl Mustangs aren't really worth restoring for show, unless they're the rare mid-80s turbo models.

    Only reason to restore would be for your use (i.e. if it were a car to which you're really attached and want to keep driving). But since it seems it's not, I'd say sell it. Get yourself a '06 Mustang! :)
  • tibbitibbi Member Posts: 5
    Thanks John and I'm not that attached to it, except for the fact it gets better milage than anything else I own and it's in such good shape I almost hate to drive it :0. Appreciate your advice and I'll take it to heart! Now my former 'Stang, a '67 fastback, I should have restored but hindsight is so good isn't it?
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Member Posts: 268
    If I were you, I would keep the 1992 Mustang LX 4 cylinder hatchback. Even if you are not attached to it, if it's in good condition, you should keep it and just drive it. It's economical and you don't have a car payment. These are 2 things which you should take into consideration. If there's nothing wrong with your 92 Mustang LX, keep it and drive it. You may want to take it to Maaco and have the door fixed and the car repainted for a few hundred dollars. Then your 92 LX will look like brand new and you can keep driving it like a new car and have excellent fuel economy with it and NO car payments. That's what I would do.
    Take my advice. Keep it!
  • tibbitibbi Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice - it really is economical and with the price of gas these days it makes a lot of sense!
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Member Posts: 268
    Are you going to keep it? I know that I would.
    Tell me what you decided to do.
  • gnr331gnr331 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 93' 4cyl LX.

    exterior is in very good shape..paint still shines but the end of the bumper is cracked and a small paint chip on the hood. Rims are in bad shape.

    interior is also in very good shape except for the storage compartment on the driver door is torn.

    The engine rattles when idle, no AC, needs new antenna wiring & scrapes on the ground with 4-5 people.

    I was asking for $1500 but someone is offering $1000 but now I'm considering not selling it. I mean what am I going to do with $1000? I'll just by a new car and keep the stang and fix it up someday.

    Do you agree or does any think I should just sell it?
  • john_324john_324 Member Posts: 974
    Well, Mustang parts (like new wheels, springs, etc.) are widely available, so you'll have no trouble getting her back in shape (assuming no major engine problems).

    If you're thinking of keeping her for a fun weekend car, then I'd say why not. Is it a 5-spd?

    Also depends on what sort of new car you're planning to get as well...
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Member Posts: 268
    Keep it. You are stupid if you sell it. Fix it up and drive it. That's what I would do.
    An old Mustang is a too good thing to give up.
  • tibbitibbi Member Posts: 5
    As much as I'm inclined to (especially after all the words of wisdom and the inspiration to buff the lil' girl up to a 5.0 play thing for Friday nights at National Trail) I'm probably not going to be able to due to financial considerations of yet another car on the insurance, etc. I'm still listening to all the advice you all give and everyone says "keep" (as does my heart) but the wallet says "maybe not". I've been out of town for several days and need to catch up on the input from the Fomoco gang. Watch here for my updates as I wade through the information you all are so good to provide.
  • tibbitibbi Member Posts: 5
    Hey gnr331,
    Perhaps we should get our cars together - your exterior together with my car's interior - make one awesome '92! :)
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganMember Posts: 14,014
    I'm buying a Emerald Green w/ White Leather 7-UP Convertible w/ a 5-Speed 5.0 Ford Mustang with 2,320 original miles this week. :D

    Like Vanilla Ice, says "Rollin' in my 5.0" :shades:

  • motangmotang Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to adjust the rear windows on an 87-93 GT convert? My front driver’s side window hints the rear window.
  • crazydudecrazydude Member Posts: 1
    i still have hold and love my 93 cobra i will not part with it i bought it new in 93 got right at 46K on her now put a paxton super charger jba shorty headers flowmaster pipes i wouldent have it any other im retired late 50s and still feel like a kid every time twist the key my son who is in his 30s took delivery of a new 06gt we went to the dragstrip to play him and wife me and mine girls took 3 runs guys took 3 wanna who beat who i say to the got old mustangs even 4cyl keepem and fixem up :)
  • hondadaddy4hondadaddy4 Member Posts: 1
    A friend of mine has a 91 Fox Mustang and it makes some crazy noises in the tranny. It makes a grinding noise till you press in on the clutch then it stops! Could that be the throw out bearing? We lost the gears and could not get the car to go in gear so I'm not sure what the deal is?!
  • themole57themole57 Member Posts: 3
    really guys...dont hate me but i want to put a chevy 350 in my 86 lx.i wouldnt but a ford engine is sooooo dang expensive to build and small block chevys are a dime a dozen...think about it 550 horses for less than $2000.00 and that will barely get a decent 302 short dont hate me just yet nothing is final im just weighing my options...any help will be greatly appreciated
  • volfangaryvolfangary Member Posts: 105
    I have the opportunity to buy a 1993 LX with only 25,000 miles for $2000. It is in excellent condition. Is this a good price for this car? :confuse:
  • chuck91chuck91 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 LX Mustang and it is a 2.3L with a T5 Tran. and i am tryin to make it into a 5.0L. I have a 1970 Cugar that has a 302 with a C4 tran. on it... Will i beable to use that motor in my Fox or what? The Cugar is over is seattle so i cant really look for my self but i am wondering if i even want to go load it up and bring it back... So let me know if anyone knows if i can use that 302 in my Fox. Thank You!
  • themole57themole57 Member Posts: 3
    As far as i know you should not have any trouble with that swap...driveshaft issues and radiator issues should be all that you encounter because the t-5 is standard and the c6 is automatic,so you will have to change radiators to allow for cooler lines also your original driveshaft will not work it will be a diffrent length...while your there you should really think about changing rear ends cause your 4 cylinder rear wont like the power from the 5.0...hope i helped.i just installed a 347 in my 86 fox so dont get me its well worth the time and work
  • themole57themole57 Member Posts: 3
    not a c6 tranny but your c6
  • fiveohmanfiveohman Member Posts: 3
    Hey gang!

    My cherry '88 5.0 LX needs some tuning-up, and some possible MAP sensor problems addressed.

    Can anyone post some contact info regarding a good/honest/reputable mechanic OR shop in the SE Michigan area that is knowledgeable about 5.0's?


    Metro-Detroit Michigan
  • btwrguitarbtwrguitar Member Posts: 2
    I have a 92 mustang 4 cylinder 5 speed,the clutch cable broke so i replaced it and had to adjust the cable. After i did that theres like a rattling noise now. Anyone familiar with this and if so how could i fix it? Secondly,i drove my car not but 2 secs ago and and in second gear at about 3500 rmp my car loses power as if im letting off the gas but im not. Anyone have any idea what it might be. Spark plugs maybe?
  • wildtangwildtang Member Posts: 1
  • papasam1papasam1 Member Posts: 84
    what type of questions
  • renegade5renegade5 Member Posts: 1
    will a door from a 86 mustang t-top work on my 86 convertible.
  • donnie90stangdonnie90stang Member Posts: 4
    No, the side mirrors are different, and the side glass is taller in the convertibles. You would have a gap when rolled all the way up.
  • durty_ryder817durty_ryder817 Member Posts: 3
    i have an 84, it came with the 2.3l and t5 as well, now it has a 5.0L and a c4, u can use that motor. It being in a cougar the mounts might be a lil different, but i got mine out of an 88 5.0 and it colted up no prob.
  • durty_ryder817durty_ryder817 Member Posts: 3
    Will newer model spindles and axels fit my '84. Ive heard yes and no, neone actually done it?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 North Central OHMember Posts: 17,922
    i had an 83 turbo coupe, and bought a full size spare with a steel rim.
    i kept it after i sold the car.
    one time i tried to put it on my '91 gt, they are both 4 lugs, but it wouldn't fit over the spindle cover.
    you might need different wheels if you change the spindles.
    hope this helps.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • donnie90stangdonnie90stang Member Posts: 4

    Read through this site, it should tell you everything you need to know. If you have any other questions just e mail me at [email protected] and I will help you all I can. Don
  • donnie90stangdonnie90stang Member Posts: 4
    Check all the plastic bushings in the pedal assembly under the dash including the quadrant. If any of them are worn/broken it will cause the pedal to rattle around. As for the running issue, check your fuel filters, check the fuel for water, and lastly check all the engine grounds you can find.
  • durty_ryder817durty_ryder817 Member Posts: 3
    thanks for the info, the sight was really helpful, and now im on my way to a more cost effective 5 lug conversion, thanks again
  • donnie90stangdonnie90stang Member Posts: 4
    Your welcome, the site got me set up on mine as well. Glad to help man.
  • richbloomrichbloom Member Posts: 1
    Still have it? I just bought one 2 weeks ago. :P
  • partsmanpartsman Member Posts: 16
    first check your door hinge pins/bushings probably bad and door sagging
  • seponaaseponaa Member Posts: 2
    I have been looking for info regarding my specific breed of pony but it seems there are no threads with anything specific.

    Here is what my car is:

    1986 Ford Mustang LX Foxbody Notchback 4 Cyl 2.3 L
    Orig Color Sand Beige with same for interior.

    I would like to find some info on production numbers if anyone has some.

    Also would love for ya guys to post anything you know at all about this car. I am on a fact finding mission and I must know everything....
  • seponaaseponaa Member Posts: 2
    you can try I found alot of great stuff there
  • j91lxj91lx Member Posts: 1
    YES! any fox body with the 5.0 in that good of condition for that price is an amazing deal. i just got a 91 lx in good condition for 2700 and that was nearly a steal. buy that car.
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