4Runner sport hood scoop

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is there any easy way to make the '05 sport edition hood scoop functional?


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    I suggest asking your question in the 2005 Toyota 4Runner discussion where owners are more likely to see it and respond.

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    There is a guy I saw on another forum who did this. He ran some special hoses from the hood scope to his air breather box. He also had some sort of dirt screen in the scope.

    I don't know if you would gain that much compared to the hassle you will get from the dealer if you need their services.
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    I want to purchase a 2007 4-Runner Sport Edition but wonder if the nonfunctional hood scoop might just be a bug catcher and also possibly make wind noise.
    Would appreciate any information on this.
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    Funny you should ask... I had the same fear, but ended up buying one anyway two months ago because I liked the rest of the styling. Just finished two long road trips, one to Idaho (1500 miles round trip) and one to Yosemite (700 miles round trip) and guess what? No bugs! Plenty on the grill and windshield, but not in that scoop... sure was a pleasant surprise!

    By the way - the ride was just terrific, and I got 20 to 26 mpg, depending upon the terrain (uphill about 20-22, downhill an amazing 24-26). Hope this helps!
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