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Need help purchasing a 2009-2011 Acura TL, hopefully with SH (AWD) and Tech Pkg

mike_cars_4umike_cars_4u Member Posts: 1
edited December 2017 in Acura
I am seeing good notations from actual customer maintenance records on this series of Acura TL. These also fit into my price range. Living in Colo, I would appreciate the AWD with the 3.7 L engine. Researching the differences between Acura's SH model vs. other manufacturer's AWD versions, it looks like Acura's are really good and not as prone to problems in the 2009-2011 series of the TL. I owned a 2003 RL FWD until recently when it was totaled.

I'm looking for someone who can verify that I haven't been misled into thinking that AWD TL's will be relatively free of major drive train issues. I normally like a more conservative approach to buying a used car and just go with FWD because they are a lot simpler mechanically.

Any thoughts besides the obvious?



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    albert72albert72 Member Posts: 200
    Make sure all the transmission and differential fluids have been changed at a minimum per manufacturers guidelines not only in terms of time and mileage, but also OEM fluids. I have a FWD '11 Base that has been bullet proof so far. Also, because the car is a bit sporty and the engine is pretty potent, some of these cars can get driven pretty hard. If you can get your hands on a carfax, for the most part, it should provide accurate info as to when services were performed. Notice if the brake pads and rotors were redone earlier than what would be typical (no idea what typical is) as more brake wear would indicate more aggressive stopping and likely more aggressive acceleration.
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