Starting Issues

cannell3cannell3 Member Posts: 45
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Twice in the last 2 weeks, my 2 year old Cr-v would not start. The first time, I was sitting in a line, and shut the engine off, but hit the starter button 2 times. Within 5 minutes, the car wouldn't start, and I had to have it jumped. The auto service blamed it on me, and i accepted that (said that Honda batteries don't have a big reserve. Then, one day last week. it didn't want to start, acted like I didn't have my fob. The final insult was last night, when i came out of work, and it wouldn't start, again. I managed to use a portable charger, and it did start Took the car to Auto Zone, and they said that the battery was good, but the alternator was only putting out 12.8, instead of 14 amps. I am about to call the dealer, but am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks.
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