How do I fix no crank, security light on solid?

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The ignition switch(key switch) on my 2004 bonneville had been giving me trouble and not wanting the let me turn the key. I bought a new key lock and installed it today and attempted to do the "learn new key" process, but it doesn't seem to be working. I followed these steps. 1. Turn key to ON and try to start truck then let it go back to ON and leave sit foapproximatelyly 10-15 minutes and the Service Theft Deterrent System will go out. It never does. 2. Turn ignition off wait 5 seconds, and repeat step 1. two more times. One thing I see is the Service Theft Deterrent System light never does go off like I've seen posted. What might I be doing wrong? I have a brand new lock and key installed. Thanks


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    Was the key not turning easily due to the steering wheel lock pin catching against a steering wheel that had a force from the wheels trying to turn it? The wheel was being turned when the ignition was turned off; take hands off steering wheel before turning off key--that allows the rack to neutralize.

    That problem can be tested by just pulling the wheel one way and then the other while trying to turn the key and then the other way--one of the two will let you feel that you're taking the twist off the wheel.

    Replacing a key and coding it to the computer is easy. Just have the key cut and then use a black key to turn ignition to ON, remove that key, insert the new key, and turn it to ON. After a few seconds you'll see the Security light go off because the computer has recognized the code in the key, and has added it to the list of 10 keys that can operate the vehicle.

    What you are doing now is the driveway method for clearing the computer's list of keys and getting it to recognize a new key code. It should work. I'll have to look up my 2003 leSabre process in the FSM.

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