1990 Trooper will hardly move when I let the clutch out

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I picked up a 1990 4x4 Isuzu from my ex father in law, who can't drive anymore nor can he remember how the car was driving when he parked it 2 years ago!

I took it for a short drive and it ran great! But of course, after sitting for 2 years, I wanted to change all the fluids in it. There was a little bit of moisture in the carb so i got some stuff to dry it up that you put in your fuel. It probably cleaned it out a bit as i felt like it was clogged in the fuel filter. So I changed that and it started running great! Then someone else did an oil change for me and I changed the oil, filter and the air filter. Same day, it started running bad, like the clutch or tranmission was slipping. The guy said he cleaned out the carb by wiping it down and he left the lugnut off of it so the lid was going up and down until I got another lug nut. Still was running bad. The next day, the car kept dying on me. It was barely idling. So we changed all the spark plugs and wires. They were fried. Put a new distributor cap and rotor on too. Car is idling great and the car sounds like it is running clean and perfect, until you put it in 1st gear, or reverse and try to drive it. Now, it will barely move! If I rev it up high and let the clutch out slowly, I can get it to move but not drive fast at all. once you get it going, every time I shift, it feels like it is slipping. (I guess that would be the tranny Im talking about. The clutch never has gone to the floor or anything like that. When I drove it this way the first time up the street, it would hardly make it up the hill in the road and when I would give it gas, a loud grinding noise could be heard underneath the car. After changing plugs, etc, I havent heard it because it wont move! Help please! Thank you!


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    It's possible that rust built up on the flywheel and when you started it, it acted as an abrasive and if the clutch material was already thin, may have taken off the remainder of it.

    It is possible that the grinding noise was the rust or the throw out bearing destroying itself.

    Either way, you may be looking at a clutch replacement.
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