Automatic transmission

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Hi guys

Got a prob with my grand Cherokee sport 2004 automatic gearbox
I am abroad in an eastern European country and getting quite conflicting opinions
Here's what the car has been doing over the last 2 months
From start up in drive in morning it seems to be in low gear and going downhill it picks up speed but it appears to be in neutral as when I hit the gas it just revs up
When I drop to 15mph it picks up again but again only in low gear
After 10 mins of driving if I switch engine off for several minutes and then engage into drive it appears to start off in a higher gear but then runs smoothly and drives normally for the rest of my journey
Same prob arises if I stop for too long and then try and proceed again
Jeep dealership a while back ran diagnostics and no faults were found and they said it could be the LPG conversion but got that checked and that was fine
ECU light does not come on or the transmission temp light
No crunching sounds or burning smell
Oil is a light brown not bright pink and is at the correct level
Any ideas?
I love my jeeps...this is my 4th
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